Democrats Continue Efforts to Wipe Republicans Off the Ballots


Yesterday, we reported that more than a dozen House Democrats led by Adam Schiff want the Justice Department to investigate candidates who questioned the 2020 election. They say that it threatens national elections. Democrats are calling the candidates “insider threats” and “election deniers.” Dems love clever slogans.

Recently, the Left tried to push Rep. Madison Cawthorn out of the race for the same basic reason.

Democratic Party activists in Wisconsin have filed a suit in federal court arguing that a pro-Trump senator and two pro-Trump congressmen should be barred from office. The reason? They spoke out on 2020 election irregularities.

The activists claim the candidates attempted to manipulate the congressional certification of the presidential election results.

The Wisconsin Republican lawmakers targeted by the suit are two-term Sen. Ron Johnson, two-term Rep. Tom Tiffany, and freshman Rep. Scott Fitzgerald. All are seeking reelection in November, The Epoch Times reports.

Democrat agitators want to keep them off the ballot. In the least, it will use up their time and resources as they campaign.

The suit claims the lawmakers cannot serve in Congress under the disqualification clause of the 14th Amendment, Section 3. That is a Civil War-era provision meant to keep former Confederates out of Congress. Democrats are good at morphing old laws to their will.

It’s a despicable tactic to eliminate the competition. Democrats can’t win any other way. They just keep doing everything they can to wipe out the Republicans.

Republicans should call for anyone supporting the violent communist group Black Lives Matter organization to be removed from the ballot. BLM is actually trying to overturn the government.

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1 year ago

These dolts will go to any means to steal an election. These people make the MOB look like boy scouts.

Operative Techniques
Operative Techniques
1 year ago

A more vigorous purging after the midterm with a Final Solution the republican/conservative question?

1 year ago

Democrats are interesting scumbags. Democrats have no problem literally sleeping with foreign spies, hiring them as drivers, and taking bribes, but wanting to do something about election Fraud makes you an “Insider Threat”. An Insider Threat to whom, the Corrupt Democrat Party? If anyone is Guilty of engaging in insurrection or rebellion, or given aid and comfort to enemies it’s Clearly Democrats starting with Traitor Joe. There’s a lot of Politicians and Bureaucrats in America who need to be stood up against a wall after their trial and conviction for Treason. The Great Reset is going to be the American people bringing the people who stole our Government to Justice. I fear in the next few years, being a Federal Government Employee, is going to be a dangerous occupation as the Criminals in Government continue to turn the Government against the People to try and save their hides. The Traitor Joe Regime has created a situation in which there is now very little confidence in the Federal Government and that is very dangerous for both the Government and the Nation. The only thing saving the Corrupt Media and Academia is the 1st Amendment, but I can see that changing. America is a Capitalist Nation and Communism, Socialism, and Redistribution of Wealth must no longer be tolerated in any way shape or form in the United States of America.

Traitor Joe has awaken Americans to the Reality that there are Politicians and Businessmen in America who are will to sell out the country to the highest bidder. There should be no place for Traitors to hide in America anymore.