Trump blocks GOP from fundraising off his name without permission


Politico reports that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is having trouble controlling Donald Trump and is urging him to not seek revenge on the ten Republicans who voted to unseat him in the [unconstitutional] impeachment.

McCarthy is worried that these are members who could be critical to McCarthy’s bid to retake the House and become speaker.

That’s true of some of them, and we hope DJT takes that into account. We believe he will. Liz Cheney and Anthony Gonzalez are in red areas. They can depart and Trump has already endorsed their primary opponents.

Trump won’t commit to not primarying all ten. He has even publicly repeated his vow to primary those incumbents.


Also, Trump and his new campaign team are cracking down on the use of the president’s name for fundraising — a huge draw attracting small-dollar donors. Three sources told us that Trump, who made his fortune licensing his name, has felt burned and “abused” by the GOP bandying about his name to haul in money.

Right after Mitch McConnell completely trashed DJT when he regretfully voted to not convict him, his PAC had the audacity to fundraise off Trump’s name.

His team said that any Republican or GOP committee seeking to use it needs explicit approval, according to five sources familiar with the situation. One Trump adviser said they’ve been sending out cease-and-desists to faux PACs using Trump’s name to fundraise, among other demands to knock it off, Politico reports.

In his CPAC speech last weekend, Trump reinforced the point by directing all fundraising to his own campaign entities. He told attendees “there’s only one way” to donate to Trump Republicans: through his own Save America PAC.

If he didn’t do that, some of the money would be used to protect the ten Republicans who tried to impeach him in the House. He doesn’t have to help them.

Currently, Paul Ryan is fundraising for Liz Cheney. She needs to go. The people don’t want her. Only the elites, which includes Ryan, want her.

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Tim Kuehl
Tim Kuehl
2 years ago

I saw another story about this and tried to find the Save America PAC for future donations. Where is it? What’s their web address. There is no SaveAmericaPAC .com, .net nor .org out there I found a and they sound good but that’s not President Trump’s PAC.

2 years ago

Mitch McConnell and the rest of the RINOs have a real problem. President Trump decided that he didn’t need to create a new Party. He is the Head of the Republican Party. As the Party Leader he is now going to purge the Party of RINOs. President Trump is going to make the RINOs start their own Party because there is no place for the back stabbing bastards in the Republican Party. It’s not going to stop with National Politics. There’s a lot of RINOs in State and Local Government. There’s a lot house cleaning to do before 2024.

2 years ago

Never forget that after howling and fund raising about ending ObamaCare the Republican leadership had no alternative, not a decent proposal to replace it because their Big Pharma and Big Insurance donors love it and milk it for trillions of dollars.

2 years ago

McCarthy and His ilk need to look at why control keeps flipping back and forth. If “their” ideas “were” right it should be no issue in maintaining control. As with most all politicians, the “concept” of what the people want barely, if ever, makes it into the conversation. Little was accomplished via the Congress. It was Trump, alone, and by himself, that instituted much of the positive change. Most of the politicians spent their whining about Trump by quickly taking to the media cameras.

It also doesn’t help with those who do, and did support Trump fully, go and stab the public in the back by siding with Big Tech when they were fully aware of their actions and tactics. Namely one Jim Jordan. I, for one, have absolutely no use for man until he comes clean and apologizes for supporting his donors. That alone negates any positive statements made on Trump’s behalf. It was also the constant “rehearsed” lines beginning with the Russia hoax and every subsequent circumstance.

Taking the money away from the RNC is also a smart move. It was the RNC who raised hundreds of millions for the purpose of fighting election fraud, supposedly, only for the actual purpose of lining their pockets. The campaign ended up short of funds in that battle and had to limit its court cases as a result. Trump does need to learn One lesson. The general public despises politicians and Trump needs to take great care in who he surrounds himself with. He has way too many “old school” politicians advising him. It’s part of the problem which hampered his agenda. It’s time he returns to his fight against the widespread corruption in DC. Literally Everything is downstream from that. Once That is corrected other matters will automatically fix themselves. He should also maintain a presence on every platform that is in existence.

2 years ago

Trump blocks GOP from fundraising off his name without permission…as he should.

RINOs like John McCain, Mitt Romney, Jeff (the)) Flake and others impeded Trump’s efforts as best the could. They were part of the swamp. Romney still is.

I don’t know that names of the 10 Republicans that voted to impeach him, but he certainly owes them NOTHING, certainly not support for reelection…or unauthorized endorsement.

Trump is entitled to support whichever Republican puts his name in contention, just as all voters are so entitled.