US Is Allowing the Sale of US Steel to a Foreign Country


We’ve heard this story before. A foreign company buys a key US company, ending with Americans losing jobs and towns deteriorating. In this case, steel is critical to US national security. This administration is letting the United States get sold for parts. What happened to the Made in America that Joe Biden promised?

Now, in this case, US steel is only being sold to a Japanese company, Nippon, and allegedly, all labor agreements will be kept. About 3700 people are employed by US Steel in the greater Pittsburgh area, but not everyone is convinced.

Pennsylvania senator Jim Brewster said, “I will fight any loss of one job.”

“They’re being bought by a foreign entity; it is out of our hands,” another state senator said.

Senator John Fetterman says he’s going to try to block the deal.

As mentioned, steel is critical to US national security, and it’s being sold for a little over 14 billion dollars. The US could subsidize them instead of sending more than $60 billion to Ukraine.

Japan is probably trying to avoid tariffs.

The town and the people in the town are in danger of losing an important industry. It must not happen.

Remember when Biden told us we don’t know what an American is? The fact is he doesn’t know what an American is. He needs to acquaint himself with the Constitution.

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