Victor Davis Hanson: ’60s promiscuity and liberality…combined with Victorian prudity’


Lee Smith joined Victor Davis Hanson at the Devin Nunes Freedom Festival for a discussion of the woke culture. Mr. Hanson made a brilliant point about how this radical movement differs from the 60s, a similarly damaging time in our history.

The following is a near quote.

Victor Davis Hanson said that for all the damage the 60s crowd did to this country, they believed in the First Amendment. What is happening now is, we have the worst of the 60s, we have uncouth, crass people, but they don’t believe in the First Amendment.

They want to restrict speech, to restrict expression. in the old days in the 60s, they were so afraid of the corporate world, and monopolies, and now, it’s bizarre, they’re saying we love the corporate world…we love monopolies because they restrict access to social media. So they’ve taken 60s promiscuity and liberality and they all hang out. They’ve combined it with Victorian prudity, and it’s weird this new woke culture.


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