Biden spent $3 billion on illegal alien facility contracts, $2 billion went to 3 recipients


According to a Fox News report, the Biden administration has spent $3 billion on contracts to house unaccompanied children at the border.  And $2 billion were no-bid contracts awarded to just three recipients.

This is a scam. Who are these recipients?

The government — the US taxpayers — is paying for children to travel to their sponsors, and even for adult sponsors to come and collect the minors being placed into their care.


Many are going homeless. Who couldn’t have guessed that?

“Activists and social workers in states like New York or California say more vulnerable immigrants, whom[sic] often don’t qualify for aid, are finding themselves without a home,” said a May 4 report May 4 by the Associated Press

The AP added:

In Los Angeles, The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights has seen a “significant increase” of calls to a hotline of assistance for immigrants over the last six months, said Jorge-Mario Cabrera, the spokesman for the organization. “We have seen an increase in calls from individuals living in the street, living in cars, living in garages or often living with friends in already overcrowded conditions,” said Cabrera.

“They don’t even have money to pay for their phone bills. This is why we are saying that one of the side effects of the COVID-19 (pandemic) is in fact a complete unraveling of the safety net for undocumented immigrants,” he added. “While other communities are receiving (financial) assistance, immigrants are receiving nothing, most of the time.”

More New York-based illegals are going homeless, AP added:

I have seen an increase of [the number of] encampments of immigrants experiencing homelessness in Queens. Each has five or six tents,” said Yessenia Benitez, a 30-year-old licensed clinical social worker who helps these groups.

We are importing illegal aliens, we don’t know who they are, and many are ending up on the streets and in tents. And it’s costing us billions to do it.

Oh, And By the Way

They want the illegal aliens, who they call migrants, automatically registered to vote.

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