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Socialist Sweetheart O-Cortez Giggles About How She’ll Destroy SCOTUS

Socialist/Communist Ocasio-Cortez held a question-and-answer session after a screening of Michael Moore’s flop of a new film “Fahrenheit 11/9.” This was during a WGBHforum on October 1 in Brooklyn. A wildly ignorant person in the...

“Serious, Serious Matter!” FISA Warrant Allowed Unmasking All of Trump’s “Circle”

One of the most important findings in the FISA abuse memo released on Friday is being largely ignored. It not only unmasked Carter Page, it unmasked everyone in the "circle". The circle was Trump's...

DACA-Flipping Speaker Ryan Would Come Out Better If Americans Were First!

House Speaker Paul Ryan issued a statement Tuesday that is far more positive towards the President's decision on DACA after his prior statements criticizing the President for refusing to continue the illegal DACA ...