CNN & MSNBC communistas are self-immolating as viewers flee fake news


Flailing CNN didn’t have a single program pass the 1-million viewer plateau on Thursday. MSNBC was pathetic as well. Fox is hanging in there.

“Anderson Cooper 360” came the closest to a million viewers, averaging 992,000, but the scandal-plagued “Cuomo Prime Time” lost 40,000 viewers. Nonsensical “Don Lemon Tonight” managed only 635,000, dragging down CNN’s primetime average.

CNN averaged only 719,000 viewers during the primetime hours of 8-11 p.m. ET, while Fox News averaged 2.08 million during the same time period. CNN has failed to reach more than 1 million total viewers on 16 different days from June 9 through July 8.

In comparison, every Fox News program “from 7 a.m. ET through the conclusion of “Gutfeld!” at midnight ET averaged more than 1 million viewers.”

To be honest, Fox News is down too, but they are doing the best of the three.

CNN and MSNBC spew communist propaganda while Fox reports some news during the day. They don’t investigate as they once did, often regurgitating biased mainstream news.

Without Donald Trump to kick around, CNN and MSNBC are especially asea. They killed off the golden goose by demanding DJT and all Republicans be removed from the media. Biden is, at best, boring.

Newsmax Is Picking Up

Nielsen reported that Newsmax drew a total audience coverage rating of .86, compared to Fox News .70, CNN’s .33, and MSNBC’s minuscule .16.

Nielsen says Newsmax drew a total audience reach of over 1.9 million viewers on traditional cable during its Saturday speech coverage, with its per-minute viewers at close to 1.1 million.

OANN isn’t on enough stations yet.

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