$5 Million Man Cuomo- His COVID Leadership Offered “Tremendous Personal Benefit”


How out of touch is NY Governor Andrew Cuomo? While giving a speech to his fellow governors he claimed they all, “have a new credibility.”

All of them Andy?

“Very few people were going through what we went through and we went through it together,” he said.

With some doing a much better job than others. See highly populated states Florida and Texas.

But the absolute height of Andy’s tone-deaf, narcissistic, cluelessness was when he proudly claimed, “And speaking for myself, it was a “tremendous personal benefit.”

Flushed down Cuomo’s memory hole was a bunch of scandals, including but not limited to him collecting $5.1 million for his self-congratulatory book on his handling of the pandemic in NY.

Cuomo’s controversial book deal is the subject of pending probes by federal and state officials who are also investigating his administration’s cover-up of the state’s nursing home death toll from COVID-19.

Cuomo had his state ranked #2 on the most deaths per 100,000. King Andrew, Slayer of the Elderly’s policy of forcing nursing homes to take COVID positively helped drive deaths to over 15,000.

Cuomo — who’s further facing sexual harassment and groping allegations from a string of current and former female aides — also said during his speech that before the pandemic, students would ask him, “What does a governor do?”

Must be students trapped in government schools.

Clueless Cuomo continued. “No students ask that question anymore. People know what governors do.”

We continue to learn what Cuomo did and did not do.

Tracey Alvino, whose dad, Daniel, died after contracting COVID-19 in a Long Island nursing home, was outraged by the remarks.

“If that’s Cuomo’s best, I’d hate to see his worst,” Alvino said.

“Fifteen thousand senior citizens in nursing homes were killed because of his fatally flawed decisions that were not based on science…His personal benefit was $5.1 million in his bank account from his book.”

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