Evil Actors Radicalizing Students on Our Campuses Nationwide


Well-financed bad actors are coming onto the American campuses to stir up hate. Curtis Sliwa estimated it at about half, and he’s being proven right from police arrests. That is how it has been in every riot/protest. Radical communist and anarchist groups come in to exploit whatever the situation of the day is.

New York City’s mayor and police commissioner just revealed that of those arrested at Columbia and City College, nearly half of them were outside actors NOT affiliated with either school. That isn’t half of the total protesting, it’s half of the ones arrested.

Deputy Mayor for Communications Fabien Levy said about 48% of those arrested at Columbia and City College were not affiliated with the schools.

The FBI and CIA should be following the money and mowing them down with the enthusiasm they had for arresting grandmas who walked into the Capitol on J6.

They Are Radicalizing Our Students

Two NYPD officials spoke to a reporter with FreedomNewsTV about the students who are being radicalized.

Screenshot of the NY Deputy Commissioner from video

Deputy Commissioner of Operations Kaz said there is an organization behind all of these protests, radicalizing our kids. They say they will find out who it is.

Chief of Patrol John Chell showed one of the many pamphlets they found at NYU today.

Screenshot Chief of Patrol Chell

“Somebody is radicalizing our students,” Deputy Commissioner of Operations Kaz said after this morning’s NYU and New School raid. We will find out who that is.”

Chief of Patrol John Chell showed literature found inside the New School ‘Gaza Solidarity Encampment’ after it was swept, that reads: “Death to Israeli Real Estate, Death to America! Unschool!”

You can watch the video here.

Here is some of the radicalization material. We already know we have communist funders in the US and Hamas, Iran. Other foreign entities are also funding this. Where are the FBI and CIA? They’re wasting their time on people who didn’t follow the rules but love America and ignoring Marxist-Leninists, Stalinists, and Islamofascists – why???

Some of these professors are radicalizing the students.

Why are they pretending white supremacists are a problem when they are not? These people and their useful idiots are?

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