Freedom to Terrorize Jewish Students: Pro-Hamas College Movement Spreads


A group of progressive graduates from Columbia University’s School of General Studies threatened to pull their donations as a result of the 100 arrests of radical pro-Hamas anti-Semites. They naturally didn’t mention the arrestees were radical pro-Hamas anti-Semites.
The arrestees are members of the Gaza Solidarity Encampment. Some are Jewish.

They are occupying the upper campus.

The group sent a nasty missive, which will be sent to administrators on Wednesday. It referred to the ongoing protest as “courageous and necessary” and insisted on “amnesty and affirmative support” for the arrested protesters.

As we reported earlier, they have the full support of Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and AOC. Where is Chuck Schumer these days? Isn’t he Jewish?

“Until then, we pledge to withhold all financial and operational support … from the University, the School of General Studies, and the joint and dual degree programs,” read the letter, which as of Tuesday was not signed by any individual former students.

There are other letters from the communists.

One is more insane than the last.

This is another take by saner voices. They write that Columbia is “under mob rule” and they are afraid for the “safety of Jewish students.”

Occupiers [communists and fascists] took over NYU, and the University asked the police for help removing them. Columbia refused MYPD help.

NYU has a lot of communist professors and students, so…

Jews better resist. The stench of 1939 is in the air.

University of Michigan too! Jewish students are participating.

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