Kinzinger’s Voting for Biden; Blames ‘Fascist’ Right for Revolts


Adam Kinzinger posted this on X: The crazy left and facist [sic] right, BOTH SUCK. The fascist right is the biggest threat this year. Crazy left is the most just annoying spoiled children. Just leave politics to the big boys and girls. CENTRISTS REVOLT!!

He is excusing the Left and blaming the Right who aren’t doing any of this. The crazy left are not just “annoying spoiled children.” Deep-pocketed leftists and foreign entities are bringing in communist and fascist organizers who are only of the Left.


Can we all stop calling Adam Kinzinger a RINO? He posted on X that he’s supporting Joe Biden. No one can in any way call themselves a Republican or a RINO if they support this communist sympathizer with serious brain damage for the presidency.

Kinzinger is supporting the fascist left and accusing the right of fascism. We know he hates Trump, but that doesn’t excuse what he has done and is doing.

He gets paid to pretend he’s a Republican on CNN and uses his speech to insult and dehumanize people on the right.

Adam is cashing in.

He brags about his time in the Wisconsin Air National Guard, but just like any career or endeavor, we do have some bad people in the service. Perhaps that is one good thing he has done, but now he’s using it to tear apart Republicans on behalf of a demented president who is controlled by the extremely far left.

Kinzinger is rabidly pro-Ukraine, and it would be wonderful if he was as excited about America.


It is so obvious that the hard left is behind the violence. Only the Left is behind the hate, the assaults on the Jewish people, police officers, whites, Native Americans, and anyone who doesn’t walk the line.

We have pro-Hamas and pro-Hezbollah fools starting trouble in universities throughout the nation, and he wants to blame the Right. There is no doubt who’s behind this and it’s hard to believe he is not aware of that fact. The people rioting and protesting are anti-American, anti-police, and anti-constitution, and they want to take down America. Surely, he has noticed. The people out there spewing hate against the Jews are not the right wing.

The antisemitism bill was passed thanks to Republicans more than Democrats. I don’t agree with empowering the Department of Education to determine hate speech, but their hearts are in the right place. And it is mostly the Right who are trying to do something about it.

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