Mike Wallace’s interviews & the 1976 Swine Flu Vaccine when MSM told the truth


In 1976, when the news media had integrity, investigative journalists like Mike Wallace exposed the staggering deceit of the CDC’s dishonest swine flu vaccine campaign.

Not today.

The COVID19 vaccine initiative is equally dishonest, but the fake news media fails to report it because they are participants in the scam.

There have been thousands of lawsuits by Americans who suffered neurological damage as a result of taking the swine flu vaccinations.

Mike Wallace conducts a masterful interview here. Unfortunately, his son Chris is not his father.

As you go back to 1976, think of COVID-19 and the identical circumstances regarding vaccines and pandemics.

This particularly interested me because I had the Swine Flu in 1976. Forty-six million people got the vaccine, not me, and 4,000 sued for the damage the shot caused. The people who got the shot took it obediently to avoid a pandemic.

People who suffered the shot suffered neurological damage and even death. The CDC kept the information from the guinea pigs, according to this report.

Currently, the vaccine for COVID-19 by Moderna is causing “serious injury” to 20% of the recipients. Top executives cashed in the day the company announced a major breakthrough. Again, Dr. Fauci was wrong.



Smithsonian reported on the fiasco:

To avoid an epidemic, the CDC believed, at least 80 percent of the United States population would need to be vaccinated, Smithsonian Mag reports. More from the Smithsonian:

This all happened in the spring, with emergency legislation for the “National Swine Flu Immunization Program,” being signed into effect in mid-April. By the time immunizations began on Oct. 1, though, the proposed epidemic had failed to emerge (although Legionnaires’ Disease had, confusing matters further.)

The real victims of this pandemic were likely the 450-odd people who came down with Guillain-Barre syndrome, a rare neurological disorder, after getting the 1976 flu shot. On its website, the CDC notes that people who got the vaccination did have an increased risk of “approximately one additional case of GBS for every 100,000 people who got the swine flu vaccine.”

History repeats itself.

Compare with the nonsense we heard from his son Chris Wallace today:

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