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The Climate Curtain

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Cultural Revolution Comes to a Disney + Cartoon

Disney+ is teaching CRT through cartoons, including the insane conspiracy theory that Lincoln did not free the slaves. Disney+ distorts US history in cartoons now....

Two of Mexico’s Worst Cartels Are in Every US State

Two Mexican cartels, Sinaloa and Jalisco, have foot soldiers in every state in the Union and “pose the greatest criminal drug threat the United...

Speaker McCarthy Chose Who Will Give the Rebuttal to Biden’s SOTU

Speaker McCarthy announced who would be giving the rebuttal of Biden’s State of the Union Address (SOTU). It’s not the usual congressman or senator. Instead,...

A List of the Communist Goals 60 Years Later

A List of the Communist Goals 60 Years Later   By Mark Schwendau   The most remarkable thing is happening on the Internet these days. Some 60 years...

Sudden Tragic Death of a [Vaxxed] Baby from Cardiac Conditions

The sudden death of a six-month-old baby from circulatory and cardiac conditions should raise alarms. The baby died ten days after receiving four vaccines....