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Sen. Chuck Schumer Demands Immediate Amnesty for All Illegals

Over several decades of illegal immigration, Democrats have claimed there are 11 to 13 million illegal aliens in this country. It's far more than...

New Documents Prove FBI Knew of Biden Ties to the CCP

Federal agents knew from 2013 that Hunter Biden used access to his father on Air Force 2 to set up business ventures with Chinese...

The San Diego Lithium Ion Fire That Won’t Go Out

A Lithium Ion factory in downtown San Diego went ablaze last week, causing an evacuation warning for businesses and homes in the area and...

Parts of Biden’s Pier Floated Off Again & Now It’s Sinking

Biden's pier was a $320 million target for Hamas rockets for about a week. No humanitarian aid was delivered, and Hamas managed to steal...

Buttigieg Built 4 Charging Stations a Year Instead of 50,000

The Biden administration's $7.5 billion investment in electric vehicle (EV) charging stations is progressing a tad slowly. Only seven or eight stations have been...



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