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Wittingly or Unwittingly, If This Is True, Donald Trump Was Set Up to Die

Sen. Ron Johnson released a preliminary 13-page investigative report. It is shocking. Sen. Johnson demands all records preserved. Knowing this government, it will take...

Biden Backs Plan to Destroy the Third Branch of Government

Joe Biden supports giving the legislative branch oversight of Supreme Court Justices' ethics. This would eliminate the Supreme Court as a separate and co-equal...

The Strange Case of the Water Tower & a Rooftop Assassin – Updated

The following is an alternative narrative that has been circulating, and it is not without any basis. Dr. Robert Malone thought it worthy of...

Mexican President Warns Trump to Not Close the Border

The AP reports that Mexico’s president called Donald Trump “a friend” Friday. He said he would write to the former U.S. president to warn him...

Secret Service Whistleblowers Are Stepping Up “in Tears”

This morning, Senator Josh Hawley reported that whistleblowers told him that most of Trump’s security details last Saturday were not even Secret Service. They...



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