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RFK Jr. Could Leave This Democrat Party to Restore It

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., banned from MSNBC and CNN, sat down for an interview with Forbes. He's looking at ways to circumvent the rigged...

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick Blasted the House for the Reckless Impeachment

Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick harshly rebuked the House for this rushed impeachment, which did not allow due process or proper legal representation. The trial was...

Proof That the Bribery of AG Paxton Never Happened

The impeachment trial of Ken Paxton gets more ridiculous each day. The hearsay accusations are being disproven one by one. So far, the prosecutors...

Dem Candidate & Porn Star Is Angry Her Performances Were Shared

“If you don't like my position, for 25 tokens, I'll try another." -Susanna Gibson A candidate in a key legislative election in Virginia had sex...

California Plans to Outlaw Grass – No Lawns for You, Peasants

Neo-Democrats in the California legislature passed a law that awaits Gov. Gavin Newsom’s signature, and he will undoubtedly sign it. They’re banning nonfunctional grass!...