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Cartels Control the Border, Criminals Are Released into the US

An illegal alien was shot after attacking a U.S. Border Patrol (USBP) agent near the Rio Grande in Texas this week, according to reports. The...

James Woods on the Weasel Who Is Not on the Supreme Court

Attorney General Merrick Garland was held in contempt of Congress because he is "blatantly violating and willfully ignoring subpoenas" in the Biden documents case,...

Redfield: Many Young People Were “Quite Ill” from mRNA Shots

In a new interview on News Nation with Chris Cuomo, former CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield said that many young, healthy people suffered “significant...

Biden Admin Sends Condolences for The Butcher of Tehran

If you vote for Joe Biden in November, you should know who you are voting for. You are voting for a man who honored...

80 Charges Dropped Against Gym Owners Who Wouldn’t Close

Ian Smith refused to close his Camden County gym during the destruction of small businesses caused by the pandemic mandates. The court dropped the...



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