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Store Closings, Inflation, and Crime Blast Off in 2024

Store Closures Due to Pro-Criminal & Inflationary Policies According to a recent The Center Square Voters’ Voice Poll, more companies declared bankruptcy and shut down...

Arnold Schwarzenegger Makes a Remarkably Stupid Statement

Arnold Schwarzenegger is as dumb as a rock. China and Russia are threatening to go to war with us. Russia is talking about using...

Alarms Blinking Red! Chilling War & Terror Attack by 2025

Russia and Ukraine/NATO are blithely talking about moving to nuclear options. Apparently, the German government has now authorized military action on Russian soil, as...

Democrats’ FBI Shows Up at Whistleblower’s Home to Intimidate Her

It is hard to believe that doctors and nurses would carve up children as young as 11 or give them dangerous drugs for profit,...

This Is Why Gaza’s Arab Neighbors Won’t Take Them In

This is why Gaza's Arab neighbors won't take in Gazans. We should pay attention. Egypt isn't taking them. Instead, they built a bigger wall...



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