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What? NOAA Graph Shows CO2 Is Not the Villain

Since the 1970s, we've been told CO2 is the villain that causes most climate change. NOAA obliterated that with a graph. Some men think they...

Joint Intelligence Bulletin: Terrorism Warning

A joint intelligence bulletin warned of potential terrorism. Their advice is to stay away from large gatherings. One of those upcoming gatherings is eclipse...

Speaker Johnson Caves on Spying on Americans Without Warrants

Unfortunately, Speaker Johnson is caving again. He goes from giving in on spending bills, and possibly the border, to warrants for FISA. Some Republicans voted...

New York City Gives Migrants 30 Days to Get Out

New York City gave illegal immigrants thirty days of housing, but after that, they can't request housing again. So thousands of people here illegally,...

Homeowners Must Pay Squatters’ Water, Electricity, Etc. or Face Prison

New York City homeowners spoke with CBS News to discuss what squatters have done to them. Some are now in debt after paying the...



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