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James Woods: “They Are Going to Steal the Next Election”

James Woods pointed out the obvious when the far-left Atlantic magazine published an article on what Democrats could do if Donald Trump wins. "Without...

Donald Trump Posted This On Instagram

Donald Trump has been posting on Instagram. This post is very funny. If Democrats don't like it, they shouldn't make people with dementia the...

Why Physical Precious Metals Are the Retirement Safe Haven Most Older Christians Seek

Sponsored Post Investing has always been a game of risk and reward. In times when the economy is strong, many investors tend to gravitate towards...

Christian Gold Company Defies Industry’s Retirement Fearmongering Through Prayer and Biblical Hope

by Sponsored Post In the world of precious metals, the economic sky is always supposed to be falling. For years, even decades, gold and silver...

33 Major Cities Are Sinking on the East Coast

According to NASA imaging, some cities, including New York and Baltimore, are in danger of sinking. But don't worry, there are solutions, which include...