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Monster Stabs a Toddler to Death, Smirks in Court

A woman is accused of killing a 3-year-old boy in a grocery store parking lot in Cleveland. She smirked in court. She stabbed and...

Idaho Farmers: “We’re All Going to Fail”

Idaho farmers are in danger of having their water shut off. The water shutoff order affects half a million acres of farmland and about...

NYC Kicks Tourists Out of a Hotel for Illegal Migrants

As of last month, one in five Manhattan hotels housed illegal aliens. Now, we have them kicking tourists out of a hotel to house...

FBI Has a Ballot Stuffer & Forger on the Payroll

New Jersey resident Craig Calloway is a professional ballot stuffer. He was arrested for harvesting, stuffing ballots, and forging signatures on ballots. Calloway stuffed...

The FBI Is Every Bit the Secret Police Force You Thought It Was

"The FBI is every bit the secret police force you thought it was," Tucker says in the clip below, and there is definitive proof....



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