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National Guard Captain Testifies: Forced to Stand Down Until 5 pm on J6

National Guard whistleblower Captain Timothy Nick said the Guard was ready to go to the Capitol on January 6 to help the police but...

James Woods Smacks Down Speaker Johnson

No one says it quite like James Woods. He verbally smacked Speaker Johnson and linked to the video of Johnson blaming white men and...

Teen Squatters Charged in Murder of Mom Nadia Vitels

Two teen squatters beat Nadia Vitels, 52, to death when she came home with her dog and found them in her NYC apartment, where...

Terrifying Trojan Horse in the FISA Reform and Authorization Act

Vacating Speaker Johnson will likely cause more problems than it solves, but the Speaker scoring no wins isn't good either. The last one, FISA,...

Victor Davis Hanson: US Civilization Is In Freefall, It’s All Mounting

"You can see it's all mounting," Victor Davis Hanson says in the clip below. "It's a civilization in freefall." When you know the problem...



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