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The Red Pope Warns of a “Crisis of Democracy”

The Red Pope isn't a religious leader as much as he is a political leader guiding 1.4 billion Catholics toward globalism. He warns against...

Another Leftist Plan to Make the Middle Class Pay for Deadbeats

The rogue Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is passing "rules" to harm the free market and pass the costs from people who are productive to...

Pope Francis Wants All Those Ports Open to Illegal Foreigners

Pope Francis was recently in Marseilles promoting open borders, claiming everyone coming illegally is not invading. They are only seeking hospitality. He wants all...

Migrants: Free Healthcare, Sex Changes, Tuition, 20% on a Home

The Mayor of El Cajon, California, revealed that over 250,000 illegals have been dropped into San Diego County in the last ten months. They get...

Retired FBI Agent Warns of the Deterioration of the FBI

FBI special agent Nicole Parker testified before Congress and has appeared in TV interviews to describe the deterioration of the FBI. She joined the FBI...



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