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Colony Ridge Is Tied to Cartels, Drugs, a Death Cult & Gov Abbott

A citizen investigator found information about Colony Ridge. Colony Ridge is almost predominately an illegal alien community in Texas, and it's massive, the largest...

Rep. Burchett on Why He Voted Against McCarthy – His Friend

Rep. Tim Burchett, who voted to oust Speaker McCarthy, said he hated losing Kevin as his friend, and he thinks he has, but he...

Speaker McCarthy’s Exit Speech

Speaker Kevin McCarthy said he will not run for Speaker again. His speech was interesting, and he took a lot of questions at the...

Gaetz Has the Votes to Topple McCarthy – House Could Be Useless

According to Hakeem Jeffries, every Democrat will vote against Kevin McCarthy today. Matt Gaetz says he has enough votes to topple McCarthy. I hope...

Speaker McCarthy Said He Did Not Make a Ukraine Deal with Biden

Marjorie Taylor Greene appears to be supporting Speaker McCarthy, but there might also be a hold up. The reason for the motion is an...