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The FBI Agent Who Wants Donald Trump Dead

Joe Biden spoke today about unity, which is a joke in of itself. He said we should "let the FBI do their jobs" since the...

Biden Backs Plan to Destroy the Third Branch of Government

Joe Biden supports giving the legislative branch oversight of Supreme Court Justices' ethics. This would eliminate the Supreme Court as a separate and co-equal...

Media Ignores Monstrous Rape, Sodomy of a Child by Illegal Migrant

A monster here illegally raped and sodomized a child under twelve. NBC News40 described him as a Bowling Green man: A Bowling Green man is...

DEI Secret Service Chief Needs to Go

In a CBS News Interview in May 2023, eight months after she was hired, Secret Service Chief Kimberly Cheatle showed her DEI recruitment credentials. Cheatle...

CNN Reporter Asks Man About the Election After He Just Watched a Man Die

Innocent rallygoers were shot, and one was brutally murdered. The callous media is oblivious. We don't have the people's names yet, but it's very...



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