Missouri AG: Fire School Officials Over ‘Shameful’ Adult Drag Show


Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey called for the resignation or firing of school officials aware of a drag queen breakfast attended by middle schoolers that allegedly went on without parents’ consent. Nclusion, an LGBTQIA+ organization, put on the performance.

“I am calling for the resignation and-or termination of any school official who knew that they would be subjecting children to this adult-themed drag show without parental consent,” Bailey wrote in a Monday tweet, Fox reports.

The tweet highlighted an interview from KCMO Talk Radio, where Bailey said all legal options need to “remain on the table.” To restore public trust, he added school officials who knew or had an “affirmative duty” to know about the nature of the drag show should be removed and were either “willfully negligent” or “purposefully concealed” information from parents.

“I’m calling on school boards and superintendents throughout the state to adopt resolution or a public position that drag shows have no place in curriculum in students’ education,” Bailey said. “That needs to happen as well to demonstrate the absurdity of the Columbia Public School (CPS) action and to ensure it doesn’t happen elsewhere in our state.”


Suggestive cross-dressing performances are part of the LGBTQIA+ Gender Ideology and CRT transformation flying under the banner of inclusivity and diversity. Nclusion performances that include invites to the Columbia School district, have gone on in Missouri since 2014. The ideology really took off during the George Floyd riots, claiming falsely that it is anti-racist, and anti-homophobia.

CRT has a new name you need to know to avoid confusion. It’s called DEI, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and it is Marxist-based.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is a Marxist mechanism for undermining western traditions and civilization, overthrowing equality by enforcing conformity of thought and uniformity of results. It’s damaging our universities and it’s now incrementally taking over our PK-12 systems.

Their mission is DEI or CRTish of which gender ideology is key:

Nclusion describes their mission on their website:

Nclusion+ Mission

Nclusion+ Club is a social club & lifestyle production company that provides a safe and valuable place for members to feel at home and be connected to fellow members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

They’re pushing a lifestyle, not drag queens.

Screenshot from Nclusion mission video

We always had gender confusion and transgenders but now we have a whole new entity meant to pervert the culture and ensnare a lot of children. It’s the fentanyl of gender and sex.

Drag performers were called transvestites pre-Obama, but now they say they are really trans or gender fluids or one of any of the many invented genders that do not exist.


When parents contacted the school board president, David Seaman, he dismissed their concerns. He said it’s a typical diversity breakfast by Nclusion, and they typically invite students. He told them to talk to the City Council or City Manager.

The fearless Libs of TikTok contacted them and got the same response.

Brandon Banks, marketing director for NclusionPlus, the performance group that hosted the event, defended the event, calling it “high-brow and innocent.”

About 30 middle school students attended, but the permission slip didn’t explain what the event included – not a word.

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Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
1 year ago

Slowly, but with exponentially increasing speed, the morals of America are being destroyed. Has America become the new Nazi empire waiting for destruction in a stupid, uncalled for war with Russia?
Antifa says hey are anti-Nazi so why do they employ brown-shirt tactics? the Democrats imply Republicans are the new Nazi, but they are the party who is using Nazi tactics of totalitarianism.

If Americans continue in this manner the collapse will be a catastrophic fall, that will seems unbelievably swift, but in the perspective of history – inevitable.

1 year ago

It’s time to put the LGBTQIA+, the Alphabet Soup Cult, back in the Closet. If Adults want to go to the seedier side of Liberal Cities and watch perverted public sex in these dive venues then that’s their perverted fantasy as long as it’s all consensual. Grooming Children is criminal. Grooming Children without parental consent…… Let me put it his way, if a parent settles the issue with a shotgun, I would never convict the parent if I were on the Jury. There are just some issues dealing with our Children that Parents should be given a pass on. Parents have a God Given Right to protect their Children that supersedes the powers of Government. The more I see Government pushing this Satanism, the more I think we should raise the age of consent to 21 or even 25 because even most 18 year olds don’t have the maturity to deal with sexual identity disorders.

I grew up in New Orleans. Even back in the 50s and 60s this perversion was everywhere in the French Quarter, but behind closed doors. I was exposed to it in my teens, but there was also a much strong religious influence back then and we clearly knew what was Right and Wrong back then. Back then you had to peek behind a curtain. Today if you go to a Gay Pride Event in the Quarter, it’s just sick and perverted because it’s in the streets and in your face! The City of New Orleans should ban anyone under 18 from even entering the French Quarter. I just don’t know what kind of Parent would allow their children to “roam” places like this with out strict parental supervision. The WOKE stuff has become some kind of Weird concept that Parents don’t have to raise children anymore. But the World really is far more culturally dangerous for children today since we have let the perverts Out of the Closet. The LGBTQIA+ Cult lifestyle simply is not normal and has been looked down upon for all of Human History for a reason. Educators in our Schools who willingly expose children to this perversion should never walk the streets a free person again.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

The AG job is to investigate and indict when there is cause. With the many events held in Missouri, he is unable to indict anyone? This is just typical RINO behavior, act tough, and do nothing. His inaction pleases the establishment, and his tough talk pleases the voters. Come on folks, this is so obvious.