Reps Tlaib and Bush Fight for Atlanta Domestic Terrorist Group, DTAF


Atlanta “protests” by domestic terrorist organization, DTAF.

Reps Rashida Tlaib and Bush are calling for “justice” for the self-described communist-anarchist Antifa offshoot, Tortuguita, currently rioting off-and-on in Atlanta, Georgia. Tortuguita doesn’t want a police and firefighter training facility built on available land in the forest, so they camp on the land reserved for the building, calling it an Autonomous Zone. They named their group “Defend the Atlanta Forest (DTAF),” but they are anti-police at their core.

The Antifa-ish group, tied to the Antifa Unicorn Riot, dubbed the building “Cop City.” the US Department of Homeland Security has labeled the DTAF, or Defend the Atlanta Forest, a domestic terrorist group.

Some of the media support them as well. They continually label the riots “demonstrations,” and the rioters “protesters.”

They had camped out on the land for months, and police had started to clear the encampments to begin building the facility. One protester, a nonbinary, was told to leave and shot a police officer. Police opened fire and he died. Some of their group then went to Atlanta and damaged businesses, attacked the police, and overturned police cruisers, setting them on fire.

Bush and Tlaib support this.

These terrorists have:
  • Fire-bombed a youth facility;
  • Fire-bombed corporate offices;
  • Vandalized private citizens’ homes;
  • Disrupted church services and vandalized churches;
  • Shot a police officer;
  • Burned businesses and police vehicles.

This is what two or our Democrat Progressive congresswomen, members of The Squad, support.

Six radicals involved in the most recent Atlanta riot each face four felony charges: domestic terrorism, arson in the first degree, criminal damage in the second degree and interference with government property, according to police.

Each of the suspects, who range from 20 to 37 years old, is also facing four misdemeanor charges, including unlawful assembly, police said.

Only one of the radicals is from Atlanta. The rest were shipped into Atlanta to burn it down.

The others are from Tennessee, Washington, Maine and Michigan.They are professional rioters.

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1 year ago

Radicals support each other.

1 year ago

In Democrat Cities we are seeing Police Departments no different than the Democrat Police Departments in the 1950s and 1960s South during the Civil Rights Movement. The Psychopath Democrats in Control are using Police as a Praetorian Guard and police departments are happily siding with the Politicians. In these Big Blue Cities policing is no longer about Law & Order; it’s about control.

The real criminals in most of these cities are the Politicians and the Police, District Attorneys, and State Attorney Generals just look the other way at Political Corruption. Normally I don’t support Anarchist, but when it’s the Government who is the enemy of The People, it is the enemy of my enemy that becomes my friend. As long as the Politicians follow their personal agendas of personal enrichment and power, then Government is the enemy. We don’t need bigger and better Praetorian Guard training camps. We need Police who understand that they work for The People and not the Politicians.

No Sheriff or Police Chief should be appointed, they all must be elected and easily recalled if they stray from protecting The People from both Politicians and Criminals; of which there is very little difference today. Law and Order must be equal for all. The only reason I support Law Enforcement my country is One, the Sheriff is elected and Two, the county is an Open Carry / Conceal Carry Sanctuary County. Outside the Democrat run cities we have very little crime and the politicians are smart enough not to cross The People. It’s also interesting that in the Rural parts of the County, which is heavily Black, crime is well below the National Average; fences make good neighbors and we take Trespassing seriously here!