The New Religion of DEI Will Destroy Everything


The self-described “Three Amigos,” Justin Trudeau, Joe Biden, and Lopez Obrador agreed to The Declaration of North America. It is very disturbing.

Their primary goal is Marxist diversity, equity, and inclusion. There are six pillars: 1) diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI); 2) climate change and the environment; 3) competitiveness; 4) migration and development; 5) health; and 6) regional security.

Border security was not even on the agenda, but DEI was number one.

We had our FAA NOTAM system crash yesterday, and all our enemies know it. We do not have any backup for our satellites, our Global Positioning System, should our enemies attack.

The only thing they updated on the NOTAM system was diversity language. They got rid of the word “airmen.’

Canada also had a crash yesterday, which is very curious.

What the administration cares about is “diversity, equity, and inclusion.” They are failing their mission because of “diversity, equity, and inclusion,” yet they will not backpedal.

Scholar John Sailer wrote an article at The Free Press, How DEI Is Supplanting Truth as the Mission of American Universities, describing the new mission of American universities as diversity, equity, and inclusion. It’s a venom running through university after university.

He writes:

DEI imperatives have spawned a growing bureaucracy that holds enormous power within universities. The ranks of DEI vice presidents, deans, and officers are ever-growing—Princeton has more than 70 administrators devoted to DEI; Ohio State has 132. They now take part in dictating things like hiring, promotion, tenure, and research funding.

More significantly, the concepts of DEI have become guiding principles in higher education, valued as equal to or even more important than the basic function of the university: the rigorous pursuit of truth. Summarizing its hiring practices, for example, UC Berkeley’s College of Engineering declared that “excellence in advancing equity and inclusion must be considered on par with excellence in research and teaching.” Likewise, in an article describing their “cultural change initiative,” several deans at Mount Sinai’s Icahn School of Medicine declared: “There is no priority in medical education that is more important than addressing and eliminating racism and bias.”

There are so many DEI administrators that they are now an impregnable force taking over the colleges and universities. He said the movement was gradual at first, and then all of a sudden in response to pressure after the Black Lives Matter movement.

DEI means you can’t control your borders, you can’t have free speech on college campuses, you can’t have a safe navigational system, and all must focus on the new religion of DEI.

The Left is using their new religion to destroy capitalism and all that’s good about the United States.

DEI is the new secular paganism.

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1 year ago

The acronym “DEI” is actually out of alignment with its purpose. It should be “DIE”, cuz that is what they want it to do. Cause capitalism, and all the good it has brought to the world, to die out. The proponents of this philosophy are in hurry get ti done due to the possibility of a Trump re-election in ’24. Or someone aligned with the principles of the US Constitution who would resist the morons proposing the “DIE” tenets. Just sayin’.

John Vieira
John Vieira
1 year ago

Dumb Efficient (at what they do) Ignoramuses…We are well into the next Dark Age…and Systemic Stupidity is well set in it’s ways….