Sidney Powell says the Kraken is coming for Dominion


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General Flynn’s attorney Sidney Powell appeared on Lou Dobb’s show and told him she is about to release the Kraken.

We need to see the evidence on the claims she outlines in this interview with Lou Dobbs. It’s explosive, and if it’s true, it’s beyond a Republican’s wildest dreams as far as evidence goes. It sounds like science fiction. I’m skeptical, but let’s wait and see.

If she’s right, we have foreign countries colluding like this?

After this, will Fox fire Lou or ban Sidney?




  1. “Invalidate the Election”, says Dominion:

    Dominion has procedures for the discrepancies in this Election.

    Ukraine was having the same issues in this US Election.

    “This massive ballot-box stuffing, fake turnout figures, and other forms of fraud and abuse allowed the authorities to create a victory for their candidate that almost certainly would not have been possible in a free and fair election.”

    It could affect bi-lateral relations over that crisis.

    “Our bilateral relationship will obviously be affected by the final outcome of the crisis over the presidential election.”

    A highlight of the Ukrainian Election **FRAUD”.

  2. There is not a single doubt in MY mind, nor the minds of the 71 MILLION who voted for Pres Trump, that this election was the Mother of Election Fraud. This was my lingering fear for 4 years.

    As for the 71 million? This is just the number of Trump votes that made it to the counters because there is also no doubt there were many votes destroyed, it’s just how many remains unknown. However, there is VIDEO of poll workers in Philly DESTROYING ballots.

  3. Unless a miracle happens, Biden will be president. Things are not looking good in Georgia. So if he becomes president all the evidence of the election fraud will be buried. Hello banana republic.

  4. She is growing on me like a fungus. Get it crackalackin on the Kraken. Let’s enjoy this third world laughingstock fading banana republic great leap forward fundamental transformation wipeout.
    Be like the comrades and satanists with the like wolves among sheep we have wandered mindset.

  5. This election was definitely stollen. If this crime is not exposed, the American people will never trust elections again and that includes me. I am so sick to my stomach over this whole crime. It has to be exposed. Donald J. Trump is our legal legitimate President. I will never accept Biden as my President, just like I never accepted Barak Obama.

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