White fashion is stolen from blacks, uh, sure


Chi Ossé, the newly elected progressive member for the New York City Council attending a prestigious fashion show in the city, said that fashion had the power to change perspectives. He said that all fashion is black.

“I think all fashion is black because it comes from streetwear and that starts in the African American communities,” Ossé said. For black fashion to be recognized, it has to be edgy and authentic, but we also need the resources the white designers have.”

The NYC show he attended took place during Paris fashion week, where expensive, high-couture designs are modeled for the super-wealthy.

The show included an African American designer.

Designer Tatiana Franklin said white fashion is stolen from blacks.

“Black designers like Kerby and Heron Preston are being incorporated. But it can also be cultural appropriation because they still steal from the black designers and then put them on a pedestal. It’s interesting to see this, and where the designs actually came from.”

Black Culture Clothes
Black culture in fashion?

White designers are stealing this black streetwear? Letter pants, black jackets, and bling adorn the model picture above. They’re stealing this? I don’t think so.

The Guardian reports that a couture show in New York also offered an indication of how things are changing. Elaine Brown, former chairwoman of the Black Panther Party, gave an uplifting address to an audience that included Tracee Ellis Ross, the actor and activist daughter of Diana Ross, and Bethann Hardison, the highly influential fashion activist, before a couture show by Kerby Jean-Raymond, head of the design label Pyer Moss, and the first African American to be invited into the official Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture, the governing body of the couture system.

Lauren Preston, a consultant, said that there had been improvements but “it won’t feel authentic and genuine until you see the change at the top. It feels temporary as of now, but we will see.” 

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