A federal judge excoriated Sidney Powell and Lin Wood


Judge Parker

A federal judge on Monday excoriated a group of Republican-aligned lawyers including Sidney Powell and L. Lin Wood over their legal efforts to review the 2020 election results. The Michigan attorney general wants them to face sanctions over their actions on the failed Kraken.

US District Judge Linda Parker made the comments at a contentious hearing on Zoom whose purpose was to determine whether the lawyers should face sanctions, Business Insider reported.

Parker repeatedly criticized the attorneys as failing to do “minimal” research on the “evidence” they presented as part of their multipronged effort — which Powell called the “Kraken” — to nullify the election results in Michigan, Georgia, Wisconsin, and Arizona.

“The court is concerned that these affidavits were submitted in bad faith,” Parker said.

After the so-called Kraken failed, Michigan and the city of Detroit filed complaints with the bar seeking punishment for Powell, Wood, and the lawyers who had signed on to their lawsuits.

Parker also said the lawyers had filed affidavits without adequately investigating their claims.

“I don’t think I’ve ever really seen an affidavit” like this, Parker said after reading through one whose author speculated at length about whether the US Postal Service had tampered with mail ballots in the 2020 election.

“This is really fantastical,” Parker said. “How can any of you, as officers of the court, present this type of an affidavit?”

The court could refer the lawyers to the bar for disbarment.


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