After 49 Years a Nam Vet Can Use His Left Arm Thanks to the First FDA Prosthetic Arm


This is what the VA and America should be doing. Innovation is what we do best. A Vietnam veteran Fred Downs is finally able to grasp something with his left arm after 49 years. He now has the first FDA-cleared prosthetic arm.

VA secretary David Schulkin discussed it with Fox News host Pete Hegseth, a former Navy SEAL.

Hegseth said, “Well American’s veterans give everything and so much more for their country. And now we have a chance to give something back. Thanks to years of research and effort, the VA has introduced a revolutionary new prosthetic.”

“The Luke Arm, which stands for life under kinetic evolution is the most advanced prosthesis available today. It is the first prosthetic arm cleared by the FDA and it is the first commercially available powered shoulder.”

“Here to demonstrate how it works is VA Secretary David Shulkin and army veteran and Luke Arm recipient Fred Downs. Gentleman, thank you very much for being here today. So, Fred, first of all, you’re — you’re a veteran, you served in Vietnam. Silver star for valor, Bronze star for valor, four Purple Hearts. You’re obviously in the thick of it. Tell us a little more about your service.”

Mr.Downs said, “Well I was in the infantry there in the U.S. Army and ‘67 and ‘68, I got hit. I then, I spent about a year in the hospital after that. It was a ‘Bouncing Betty’ landmine that flies out of ground, explodes by waste high. So it blew this arm off. Almost lost this arm, almost lost my legs.”

Mr. Downs deserved to have this years ago and so do all our veterans who have lost limbs in service of their country.