James Woods Smacks Down Speaker Johnson


No one says it quite like James Woods. He verbally smacked Speaker Johnson and linked to the video of Johnson blaming white men and systemic racism for black victims. The Republican House Speaker called for transformative change of systemic privilege. Johnson blames his black son’s challenges on the color of his skin, not his bad parenting by his biological parents, drugs, or gun possession.

“Do the Democrats have a video of this guy banging a goat or something? The mantra today is that the white male is always the privileged villain,” Woods posted on X. “Unless, of course, you need somebody to pay the taxes or sacrifice his life on the battlefield. So sick of this shit,” Woods said.

Getting past the goat reference, or probably because of it, James Woods makes his point perfectly. White males are not the problem.

White males are the villains of the communist/fascist movement in the United States today. The radicals who are consuming liberals need villains to take down the majority. White Christian men are in the majority.

Some are saying that this is no longer a Democratic or Republican movement. It’s not right or left. It’s free or not free and good versus evil. Biden is the figurehead, and some of the damage is irreversible.

Speaker Johnson is using the sad history of his adopted black son and expanding it into a stereotype.

Speaker Johnson’s son, Michael T. James, had a difficult time as a child and was homeless when Speaker Johnson took him in. He lived with the family for about three years.

His problems were far more attributable to drugs, hiding a concealed weapon, and bad biological parents than white men. He is committed to turning his life around and credits the Johnson family.

Speaker Johnson seems like a good man, but like other people in politics — he’s deluding himself. Love for a troubled child can do that.

Black people are no longer victims. They’ve risen above that. No one should see them as victims.

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