Why Physical Precious Metals Are the Retirement Safe Haven Most Older Christians Seek


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Investing has always been a game of risk and reward. In times when the economy is strong, many investors tend to gravitate towards more risk because the potential rewards are higher. But during times of uncertainty, risk aversion takes hold for most.

With all that’s happening in the United States and abroad, concerns about the economy are ubiquitous. Older Christian Americans stand out as investors at such a time as this for two reasons. First, they tend to focus more on financial stewardship than younger Americans as well as those of other faiths. Second, they see the events currently unfolding through a Biblical lens, prompting many of them to seek the safe haven of physical precious metals to protect their life’s savings.

“In over two decades in precious metals, I’ve never seen anywhere near as many Christians showing great concern about their retirement than this year,” said Jonathan Rose, co-founder of Genesis Gold Group. “While most see the threats around us, it seems that older Christians are particularly mindful that things may be on the verge of falling apart.”

At home, we’re feeling the effects of inflation, market fluctuations, recession, and possible stagflation. Abroad, wars and rumors of wars are hitting multiple continents. It seems like it’s just a matter of time before the United States is directly involved in military conflict that could detrimentally affect retirement and savings.

“Gold is known for its high sensitivity to geopolitical conflicts, so it’s no surprise that this safe-haven asset has recently exhibited an impressive surge, nearing a remarkable 10% increase from its recent low,” said Richard Snow, a strategist at DailyFX.

One of the most common questions asked by those considering rollovers or transfers of their retirement accounts into a self-directed IRA backed by physical precious metals is how prices will be affected if the U.S. enters into wars with Russia, Iran, or China in the near future. Christians are especially concerned about this as the world dives headlong into tumult that may be part of Bible prophecy.

“The wrong answer to the question that far too many precious metals companies give is that prices are almost certain to rise,” Rose said. “While it may seem likely that gold and silver would go up if certain events take place, no human knows exactly what the future holds, and therefore, it’s irresponsible to play into people’s fears.”

As a Christian company, Genesis Gold Group is acutely aware of what’s taking place across the globe. But unlike other gold companies, they are not taking advantage of geopolitical uncertainty to pressure their customers into making bad choices.

“Whether the wars expand or not, precious metals are for long-term wealth protection,” Rose continued. “We don’t tell people they’re going to get rich off of it. We tell them the truth that gold and silver are considered by economists to be the financial ‘high ground’ that helps people get through times such as these.”

Americans who want to protect their retirement and who want to work with a Christian precious metals company that will shoot straight with them should contact Genesis Gold Group today.

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