Always Insane! Maxine Waters Tells JoyAnn Reid Why the Public Is Weary


Maxine Waters never ceases to disappoint. She always has a soundbite that makes her appear more buffoonish than her last.

This past weekend, Maxine Waters said during an interview on “AM Joy” on MSNBC that the public is getting weary waiting for Trump to be impeached. She believes there was collusion and there’s enough to connect the dots. They – the Democrats – should be able to get the evidence.

There’s no evidence as she admitted.

“I don’t care what anyone says”, she said.

Is anyone weary of her?

This next clip is a funny exchange from 1994 between New York Congressman Peter King and Maxine. She was insane in 1994 too!


  1. Are there any Republicans that are even close to as dumb as Waters and Pelosi? Seriously, who would vote for either of these dingbats? Doesn’t say much for their constituents.
    Plenty of other Democrat politicians that I don’t like but I give them credit for having some brain cells that function.

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