An Unhinged Nancy Pelosi Says GOP Who Support the Tax Bill Don’t Belong in Cali


On Tuesday, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi tweeted her contempt for California Republicans who support the GOP tax bill. They don’t belong in the state according to her.

The tweet referenced California Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown’s insane message that the tax bill was “evil in the extreme” and told Republicans that their “ideology doesn’t come first.”

Her response: “I want every single California Republican to understand this. Your ideology doesn’t come first. Your party doesn’t come first. The PEOPLE come first,” Pelosi said. “If you fail to recognize that, you don’t belong here.”

Pelosi said on Monday that the tax bill is “Armageddon” and “the end of the world”.

These Democrats are all very alike. They place no value on freedom or allowing others to have an opinion.

Take Andrew Cuomo for example. He told Conservatives to get out of New York.

Cuomo thinks he will be President. Except for the fact that he’s not intelligent and he’s nasty, he could be.

Cuomo said in January, 2014, during the Tea Party revolt, that members of the GOP with “extreme” views are creating an identity crisis for their party and represent a bigger worry than Democrats such as himself.

The arrogant fool said: “Their problem isn’t me and the Democrats; their problem is themselves,” the governor said on Albany’s The Capitol Pressroom radio show.

“Who are the they? Right to life, pro-assault weapons, anti-gay — if that’s who they are, they have no place in the state of New York because that’s not who New Yorkers are.”

He added that moderate Republicans, such as those in the state senate, “have a place in their state.”

How nice of his majesty to let some stay. What a sport. He was talking aobut the Tea Party that he hates.

If you want to know what a leftist is made of, ask him/her what s/he thinks of the Tea Party.


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