Antifa Conquers Hennepin County with the Same Flag 1932 German Communists Used


Antifa has conquered Hennepin County. They raised the flag of the violent leftist group over Hennepin County jail and in front of the county center. For those who are unaware, it happens to be a duplicate of the flag used by the German Communist Party in 1932. We’re sure our honest media will get right on that.

About 100 Antifa stormed a county building, took down the Hennepin County flag, burned it and replaced it with their Antifa flag. They cheered as it was raised.

They had been marching around Minneapolis and wound up at the county buildings. A spokeswoman for the country confirmed the incident for CNS News.

We checked, no one was arrested or held accountable in any way. Perhaps they didn’t know who did it.

One of our readers, Zigmont, found out this next bit of information.


The Antifa flag matches that of the paramilitary flag of the German Communist party in 1932. How appropriate.

Check the photos for yourself. First up is the German Communist flag. The Antifa flag follows. There is more information at rationalwiki.

We researched this to be certain we had more than one resource. It’s not only the same flag, it’s the same ideology.


Next up is the Antifa flag. For those who are interested, they are sold at Amazon and E-bay. You will not find a confederate flag there however.

The Jacobin Magazine, a Socialist zine, published a photo and article on the history of the communists and anarchists in the group.

This is the photo: