BIG NEWS! Media Blasts Trump Who Admits He’s Under “Criminal Investigation”, Except….


The media is pounding out the stories about the “shocking” news of the day. Trump admits he is under “criminal investigation” for obstruction of justice. We KNOW! We have known that all along. Of course Mueller has to look into that line of attack put forth by Democrats, NeverTrumpers and most of all, Jim Comey.

That’s NOT new. There’s nothing new for anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock.

The President tweets

The President tweets because he is trying to combat the lies being told in the media and by the Democrats day after day. The media then twists his tweets into attacks on him. This is what he said this morning:

This next one is funny. The media even uses his jokes against him.

The New York Times immediately put up a story following his tweets saying the President appears to question Rod Rosenstein’s integrity. He probably does have questions about the man who hired a close friend of Comey’s but a funny tweet isn’t that meaningful.

CNN came out and said Trump admits he’s under investigation for firing Comey based on his most recent tweet. That’s more of a distraction. We all know Mueller will investigate every allegation.

Who can blame Trump for being angry? This is a witch hunt. After a year, they have found nothing and still the illegal fishing expedition continues.

Ironically, Trump’s Rasmussen numbers just hit 50%.


  1. I would suggest his tweet is in reference to the Senate Judiciary Chairman Grassley’s opening a NEW investigation into the firing AFTER his own statement telling others to “suck it up” AFTER the Comey firing.

    • How disappointing that a decent man like Grassley is adding to the fake controversy. If he were a man he would tell McConnell no.

  2. If Comey is not held to the same standards to which he “purportedly” required other citizens to be held to,, (except all of the Hillary, Lynch, and other demo crumbs) , there will be hell to pay in this country because people are just tired of all of the bullshit. AG Sessions needs to convene a Grand Jury and indict Ham Sandwich Comey, for many many crimes, including CONSPIRACY TO OBSTRUCT JUSTICE, [at a bare minimum,] Not withstanding the Rachel Madcows, who incite to riot on the left and the thugs who are paid by the Soros-Clinton consortium, the quiet men and women of this country will not take this corruption lying down.

    • Yes there is no excuse for inaction by Sessions now. He must act quickly. Respect is lost by those that do not fight back.

  3. I would not insult my rectum or my rear cheeks by using a copy of the Washington Post or the New York times to wipe off my bottom. They are intentionally misquoting the President and playing to the masses of people who linger past a reasonable time at the local carnivals. Isn’t there a cause of action which citizens can take for violation of free speech when they knowingly sling false statements, ….Like how about awarding them the Philadelphia Inquirer award, a big buffalo turd on a plastic platter . Are Americans who graduated from the 5th grade that stupid to believe all of these Rachel Madcows??? REALLY????

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