Black Lives Matter Separatist to Start Church for Black Men to Discuss “Black Suffering”


Black Lives Matter is going to have their own church for black men only so they can discuss “black suffering” and the greed of traditional churches.

Jomo Kenyatta Johnson screenshot

A Black Lives Matter separatist will start a church for black men who are suffering and there will be no donations because that’s merely greed as the Separatist sees in traditional churches.

Jomo Kenyatta Johnson, a minister from Savannah, Georgia, says God has led him to create a new denomination called Church for Black Men that will never collect tithes and offerings, The Christian Post reported.

They will address “black suffering” and they will not seek tax exempt status so they can be political.

Collections and a “language” barrier keep black men from going to church, he says.

“One of the things that we believe is that there is a language barrier between [the] traditional evangelical church and black Americans especially those under 30. And that language barrier is black suffering. Evangelicalism by and large does not speak on black suffering and therefore that’s why we’re having such an exodus of young African Americans from church,” he said.

Teaching Christian values is great but this approach is divisive. Using skin color and the victimization card to build a church seems counterintuitive. Most Christian faiths believe in helping God out by taking the initiative and not wallowing in self-pity.

Black Lives Matter is a Separatist organization. They follow Marxist principles and can be violent.



  1. This is ordinarily called “group therapy” but which will probably become known as the Church of the Closed Door, in opposite to the Church of the Open door. The conclusions of these meetings will be that it was Pres. Trump’s fault for all black men leaving the many kids in the home fatherless. It’s always somebody else’s fault, don’t you know?

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