Charlie Hebdo Posts Horrible Hurricane Harvey Cover


Charlie Hebdo were once victims of Nazi-like Islamic terrorists. It didn’t have any effect on them. They are exploiting a hurricane, where people have lost everything and where some have lost their lives to lie about who the people of Houston are.

Just for the record, 54% of Houstonians voted for Hillary Clinton. Also for the record, any person with any character knows we look at victims as people, not through the leftist prism of identity politics.

The people of Houston are not Nazis.

This is the cover of their latest edition:

What a very ugly way to get clicks. These people are despicable. Some on the left are also condemning this. It’s on a par with Kathy Griffin’s severed heard video.

This is Houston:

This is Houston:


  1. I wonder how many Texans, during WW II, fought and even died in an effort to rid the feckless French of their Nazi occupiers? What do you suppose the families of those who were lost on Omaha Beach or pushing through the French countryside would have to say to Charlie Hebdo?

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