Bozo Chris Matthews Compares President Trump to a Monkey


Chris Matthews has been comparing President Trump with the Romanoffs – he says that a lot – but today he outdid himself. He compared the President to a monkey. Imagine if we compared Barry to a monkey?

This is his statement:

“Well, as Heidi mentioned there, before he ran for president back in 2013, Donald Trump tweeted about the subject of the Pope and humility by bragging about his own humbleness. He says, the new Pope is a humble man very much like me, which probably explains why I like him so much. In other words, P.J., the issue isn’t the Pope being Pope. It’s the Pope is lucky enough to be liked by the great Donald Trump.”

“He envelopes the universe and he comes down on little people like the Pope and says, I like you, and that’s the most important things in their lives, that Donald Trump deigns to like him.”

“It’s simian also. Like a monkey banging on a stick, I’m the biggest. I’m the biggest. Primordial, I should say. Your thoughts?”


  1. I would NEVER compare ODUMBA to a monkey… I have way to much respect for the monkey…. and as far as Chris Matthews… well, lets just say that what the monkey leaves on the jungle floor is what he reminds me of…

  2. Chris Matthews pees down his own leg when thoughts of Obama enter his pea sized brain! MSNBC would do well to get rid of this puerile idiot and hire an adult to take his place.

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