Democrat Hero Filibusters Budget on Behalf of Illegal Aliens


Update: Ms. Pelosi ended her filibuster after 8 plus hours and no one cares. 

Nancy Pelosi is filibustering the budget and began speaking on the House floor at 10:04 using her “one-minute” privilege. She hopes to convince her minions not to vote for the budget until DACA are all given citizenship. At the same time, Chuck Schumer is on the Senate floor touting the bill.

As an extreme spender, she won’t support budget caps.

Democrat Rep. Donna Matsui has fallen asleep twice as Nancy Pelosi blathers. This is truly a clown show.

She was rather rude to a protester in the gallery who wanted to know what her solution was.


White House press secretary Sarah Sanders addressed it: “The budget deal should be a budget deal. Members of Congress, like Nancy Pelosi, should not hold our military hostage over a separate issue. We laid out what we would like to see in immigration legislation.”


  1. Trump Calls “Really Out There” Nancy Pelosi His “Secret Weapon, Again Trump is right, please dems keep Nancy as your house leader, what a dimwit !!!!!!!

  2. I don’t like Pelosi and I never have had any use for her brand of politics. However, she and I are the same age or nearly so as I was 78 on 2/1 and I can say, with all honesty, that I admire her stamina. I don’t know what she was drinking or worse in order to stand for so many hours spouting drivel and I also wonder if she wore an adult diaper since most women our age need to make numerous bathroom runs! It’s shameful for any politician to use the issue of ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION to stop the wheels of our government.

  3. Crazy Nancy knows full well how much the Democrat Party depends upon the votes of former illegal aliens, existing illegal aliens and dead people. She must defend them at all costs.

    Damn the military! Damn the wall! Damn Immigration Reform! Damn Infrastructure! Give full citizenship to all illegals!

  4. How is it, that somebody who is so good with money, she turned a 200,000 dollar a year job into tens of millions dollars, can’t understand that DACA has NOTHING to do with the nations budget?

    • I heard her husband is the one who made the money. He was a venture capitalist. I don’t think she has any understanding of much of anything, but maybe I’m wrong.

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