Drunk Illegal Alien Killed Football Star Edwin Jackson


Beloved football star Edwin Jackson, 26 years-old, and Uber driver Jeffrey Monroe, 54 years-old, were killed Sunday morning on Interstate 70 by a drunk driving illegal alien who plowed into them as the two men stood in the emergency lane, Washington Times reported.

The driver then fled.

The Indianapolis Colts linebacker was on the emergency shoulder with driver Mr. Monroe. It is believed the driver pulled over because Mr. Jackson became ill.

An illegal alien without a license, who was drunk, fled the scene of the accident in another needless crime. Was he dreaming?

Mexican illegal alien Alex Cabrera Gonsales, 37 years-old, was arrested shortly after fleeing the scene of the fatal accident. The man is a Mexican immigrant whom authorities are trying to deport, according to charging documents.

He was either a resident who committed a serious crime or just here illegally.

When will people start to get it?


  1. ENOUGH! How many have to die because of people who DON’T belong here? Build that wall, now! Send them all packing, the hell with those poor slobs whose parents brought them here ILLEGALLY! They think they are entitled to be here and that it isn’t good enough for only them to have a path to Citizenship!

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