Leftist Illegal Alien Youth Viciously Shut Down Pelosi, Demand Amnesty


During a presser, Nancy Pelosi was accosted and downright abused by her DREAMers who believe, thanks to the Governor of California, that they have the right to come across our borders and live off our tax dollars. This is the open border crowd demanding amnesty.

They screamed and chanted at Pelosi, calling her a liar. They wouldn’t let her speak, and made it clear that no matter what is done for them, it will never be enough. This is the abuse the right gets all the time.

Are they people we want in this country? Thet are making a strong case for not having them here.

They began chanting the hard-left mantra we hear at violent protests and events in Ferguson and on Wall Street: “This is what democracy looks like”. You can hear that in the last clip.

This is also why we must follow the rule of law and stop giving amnesty to people who don’t respect our borders. It sends the wrong message.

First it’s amnesty, then it’s free college, free housing, citizenship and then they will vote for open borders. We will have foreigners who have no clue what this country is about deciding our future.

This is what pandering and appeasement gets us.

They are demanding amnesty and Pelosi is telling them it’s beautiful to their ears.

She was literally shaking.

These people deserve nothing. We need a wall, then we can look at all of this.


  1. I’ve mentioned before when hate is instilled it will spread and grow. Pelosi, and her types are too ignorant to realize the inevitable result when the flames are stoked. When fires are started and spread they consume everything in their path.

  2. Pelosi finally spoke against Atifa ,will she speak out about them, she was visibly shaken by their actions and wouldn’t calm down when asked,

  3. Meanwhile some good news from Zero Hedge…………….Three Demcratic Congressmen were arrested this morning while protesting outside President Trump’s Manhattan residence, to demand action to shield young illegal immigrants from deportation.Democratic Reps. Luis Gutierrez (Ill.), Raul Grijalva (Ariz.) and Adriano Espaillat (N.Y.) were all arrested while rallying outside Trump Tower.

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