Illegal Immigrant Jose Vargas Celebrates the Decline of Whites


Illegal immigrant Jose Antonio Vargas celebrates the decline of whites in the United States. He said the country will become more gay, more black, more brown. Over 51% of California is Latino right now he says.

He wants to know how white men will handle it.

This annoying DREAMer is always antagonizing white people. Frankly, he’s a bigot.

Some say the President should be deporting the invaders because they mean us harm. Many coming in are Socialists and Communists — that is concerning.


  1. More gay , more black, more brown ?

    So… it is not homophobic paranoia nor racist paranoia when we say the left wants to turn everyone into either a gay ( or bi-sexual) person or they want everyone to be of mixed race.

    And it is not white supremacist paranoia when we say the left wants to get rid of white males.

    thank you Juan Vargas for confirming this.

  2. Civil war? Bring it. LGBTQRX vs bikers, welfare recipients vs Law enforcement, college pussy snowflakes vs veterans, etc, etc. It would last about a week.

  3. miliions of filipinos (his country) apply to immigrate to the usa
    nobody wants to work in his brown dirty poor country !

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