Immigrant Bank Robber Slaughters Two Doctors

Dr. Richard Field and Dr. Lina Bolaños

Bampumim Teixeira, 30 years of age, was born in Guinea-Bissau and raised in Cape Verde. He came to the United States with his aunt when he was in his twenties. This week he was arraigned from his bed on two counts of murder and other charges because he slit the throats of two doctors. They were engaged to be married.

The motive was robbery.

Doctors Lina Bolaños, 38, and Richard Field, 49, were tied up and slaughtered by the time the police had arrived. Dr. Bolaños managed to get a message out and police were at the door before the killer could leave.

Written on the walls in blood was a “message of retribution”.

Bampumim Teixeira

He was shot three times in the apartment by police and Dr. Bolaños’ jewelry was found in his backpack.

He was arraigned from his hospital bed on multiple charges, including two counts of murder. Teixeira murdered the two doctors in cold blood.

Teixeira was only released from prison in April after robbing the same bank twice. A lenient liberal judge Lisa Grant gave him only nine months in prison because a year in jail would have meant deportation.

You know how liberals are – they don’t want to lose one single immigrant. The judge is a pro-sanctuary city, pro-illegal immigration judge who had been appointed by Deval Patrick.

The doctors would be alive today in all likelihood if the killer had been given an appropriate sentence and deported after two bank robberies.

Why wasn’t he deported? Possibly, it’s because of Judge Grant who might have blood on her hands.

The alleged killer once worked for a security firm at the luxurious South Boston complex. He could have had a key.

Teixeira had pled guilty in Boston Municipal Court to robbing the Summer Street branch of Citizens Bank in downtown Boston in 2014 and 2016 and was ordered to serve nine months in the Suffolk County House of Correction.

Concerning Teixeira’s immigration status, Suffolk County District Attorney spokesman Jake Wark told “From what I gather, Texeira is a lawful permanent resident.

Teixeira was living with his aunt but they had a fight, and she kicked him out. The man became homeless, living in shelters for a time.

He is a real prize.


  1. This news will be swept under the carpet by the hateful anti-white main stream media, but had a white man killed one or two blacks, the media would be obsessively talking bout this in the best way they know to make people full of rage, and the media would distort facts and embellish the story until people would riot in the streets and execute white people.

    what am I saying?

    The main stream media has already done that numerous times ! that is how we got the ferguson riots and so many police officers murdered execution style.

    The main stream media has blood on its hands…if I was president Trump I would find a way to punish the main stream media for their criminal acts, and find a way to limit how many lies they can tell.

  2. In what universe does ANY bank robber get less than a year?!!

    Judge Lisa Grant is an accessory to cold blooded murder.

  3. Thanks. Judge ought to be suspended immediately and a thorough review be done regarding the past judgements of this judge to see if she should remain on the bench.

    Let us know when the statist-progressive-liberal nincompoops start protesting her silliness. 😉

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