Iranian Justice Who Tortured, Massacred His People Gets UN Podium


The U.N. Human Rights Council is where the world’s worst human rights violators pat each others’ backs and trash nations that don’t abuse the citizens. On Tuesday, they gave the platform to a most horrendous Iranian abuser, Justice Minister Alireza Avaei.

It triggered a walkout but isn’t it well past time to walk out permanently, defund them, and stop giving them a platform?

Avaei used his moment of glory to rail against the Western World’s domination at the U.N. Fine, let’s stop funding it then.

Avaei has a record of interrogating and torturing political dissidents in two grassroots revolutions. He sat on death commissions carrying out Ayatollah Khomenei’s fatwas in 1988. He killed innocent women and children for what can only be described as a massacre. The screams could be heard throughout the prisons.

During the Green Revolution, he was involved in the rape of young dissidents with batons and soda bottles.

The Human Rights Council is a collection of monsters. Twenty-five of the forty-seven members of this Council are serious human rights abusers, to include China, Cuba, and Venezuela.

What a sorry joke.