Joe Scarborough Talks About the President “Pooping in His Pants”


The left knows it’s easy to make mistakes – a typo – especially with spell check but they won’t give the President a break and continually attack him for a typo in a tweet – covfefe. Joe Scarborough, whose show is probably the worst of cable, managed to segue that into a conversation about Trump “pooping in his pants”.

The left has no bottom line, no limits to their disgusting and vulgar discourse. Joe Scarborough and his idiot panel laughed hysterically as they talked like 5 year olds who just learned how to shock adults with the word “poop”.


  1. Thanks, ‘Sara’. Your stuff rocks me each day.

    You are right there with Bozell’s stuff, but a uniqueness I enjoy.

  2. “Say it ain’t so, Joe” They didn’t really let you on TV did they? When did you get out? Still on your meds? did you ever recover from your fellow mental ward inmates stuffing your head into the unflushed toilet?

  3. These news anchors show no respect for the presidency. Auto correct has gotten each of us at one time or another. They are full of s**t.

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