Rep. Lewis Dropped Another Bomb in NBC Interview


Rep. John Lewis in Selma

Rep. Lewis attacked President-elect Donald Trump as an “illegitimate president” during an interview with Chuck Todd on Meet the Press this past week.  Trump responded in tweets. There is more. The civil rights leader made other partisan comments in the same interview.

Rep. Lewis Takes His Anger Out on Trump

Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.), said he would not invite President-elect Donald Trump to visit Selma, Alabama, with him, though he also would not “do anything to prevent him from coming.”

On Bloody Sunday in 1965, Lewis was badly beaten by Alabama state troopers on Selma’s Edmund Pettus Bridge during a march for voting rights. He is a symbol of the fight for freedom.

Politicians and leaders from both parties – including Vice President-elect Mike Pence – have visited Selma with Lewis over the years. In 2015, Presidents Obama and Bush, went to Selma with Lewis and others to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Bloody Sunday.

“By going to Selma,” Lewis said of Trump, “maybe he would learn something.” But, he added, “I would not invite him to come.”

John Lewis told Chuck Todd, “Well, on one hand we made a lot of progress, but we’re not there yet, and I think when the president spoke a few days ago he said we’re not a racist society and some people said it and some people believe that, but we’re not there yet.”

“The scars and stains of racism are still deeply embedded in American society. We cannot sweep it under some rug or in some dark corner. We have to continue to do all we can to move us closer to what Dr. Martin Luther king Jr. ”

“Called the beloved community, where we can redeem the soul of America and lay down the burden of hate, separation and division.”

The problem is, however, that it can’t be one-sided and blacks can’t call all whites racist and expect that will help the situation. Also, it’s not the 1960s.

The idea that whites are privileged and all are racist is deeply rooted in Marxist race-baiting.

Rep. Lewis just sounds hateful to some when he says things like this. He’s not looking out for blacks. The congressman appears to be a Marxist first, black second. Has he lost his way?

Trump wants to help the inner cities. He should work with him to do that.

Trump Responded to the Original Comments

During this interview, Lewis said Trump was an illegitimate president. Trump responded in tweets.

Trump spoke the truth. Atlanta is one of the nation’s top ten murder capitals. The media is calling these tweets an “attack”. Are they an “attack”?

Rand Paul Weighs In

Trump is getting blasted in the media and on social media for daring to say anything to this icon of the civil rights movement. Many believe Rep. Lewis’s status as a revered leader makes him immune from any criticism.

Rand Paul weighed in.


  1. speaking as an American who’s transcended the ‘allure’ of libertarianism i’d humbly point out to mr. paul and his dad that we no longer live in thoreaus’ ‘walden pond’. we are a nation of 325 million; far beyond what john adams predicted (with uncanny accuracy) a representative republic could bridle. when rand paul mentions “criminal justice reform” he’s advocating the release of non-violent drug offenders with no prior felony convictions; this definition would include a drug dealer caught selling crack to grade schoolers with a gun in his pocket as long as he didn’t fire it during the arrest. the younger paul is quick, and correct, to note that minorities are disproportionately incarcerated but here’s a newsflash, blacks and hispanics commit ‘more’ violent and drug related offences. even the nyt reports that 84% of chicago’s 2016 murders occurred in minority precincts. let’s flip that: if chicago residents were all caucasian the homicide rate would drop 84%. mr. lewis sings a good tune on the hill but it’s always the same song lyndon johnson (through altruism or delusion) serenaded the socialists with in ’65, to wit: social conditioning; put them all in the same place and give them free stuff. our president-elect ‘should’ be above reproach because he understands that the status quo is only sustainable at the cost of more human sacrifice. mr. lewis and the black caucus ‘should’ be rallying behind his promise to radically improve the educational and economic plight of the inner cities in America but they are more concerned with losing their constituents than the cost in peoples safety, dignity, and prosperity.

    much is said about mr. lewis and his communist leanings; this isn’t a matter of contention, and i’d humbly suggest that the vast majority of libertarian history is replete with communism, socialism, and anarchy; the romantic notions of fred bastiat and adam smith notwithstanding…b

  2. Clearly the democrats cannot admit the cities are in horrible shape because that reflects badly on them. They prefer to keep the cities in that condition since the cities vote for them. They are benng reinforced by the voters to continue their awful work.

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