NFL Ticket Sales Plunge, Attendance Drops, Players Keep Protesting USA


The AP reported that the NFL ratings are “continuing a steady decline in audience” since some conservatives called for the boycott. Nielson said Tuesday the weekend’s nationally televised games averaged 13.8 million viewers, down from 14.8 million the week before. Opening week registered 16.3 million viewers and the second week had 15.8 million.

However, an NFL spokesman, Brian McCarthy, said there was no indication that the boycott had any impact, both on television and in the stands.

The Washington Times and CNBC reports might not agree with Mr. McCarthy. They tell a different story, including disgust with the protests against America.

An analysis released Friday by CNBC found that ticket prices during the first three games of the 2017 season enjoyed a 20-40 percent increase over last year, but then skidded in Week 4 and actually dropped by 2 percent in Week 5.

The timing coincides with the uproar following President Trump’s criticism of the protests on Sept. 22, which prompted nearly 200 players to sit or take a knee during the national anthem in the Sept. 24-25 games in Week 3.

“After the president’s comments and NFL player reactions, Week 4 saw only a 5 percent increase, and now we’re seeing an outright decline. So that’s a bad direction,” said CNBC’s Eric Chemi.

The figures, based on data from the website Ticket IQ, come with the national anthem protests losing steam in the two weeks since Mr. Trump suggested team owners should fire any “son of a bitch” who refuses to stand.

A Seton Hall University poll released Sept. 29 found that 29 percent of fans said they were watching fewer games this season, and of those, 47 percent blamed the take-a-knee protests.

The NFL wants everyone to believe it has nothing to do with their leftist, anti-American kneeling or their rude behavior.

Speaking of bad behavior

Two NFL players were caught screaming the “f” word at fans.

One video from last Monday’s game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Washington Redskins show Redskins player Terrell Pryor and Chiefs player Marcus Peters going off on fans who were yelling at them from the stands.

In the first video, Chiefs defensive back Marcus Peters responds to fans who weren’t happy he gave up a 44-yard touchdown early in the game.

Peters yelled out, “F**k you, b**ch,” and then slamming his helmet to the ground in anger:

The second video shows Redskins wide receiver Terrell Pryor, who had to be constrained as he yelled the “f” word at fans while flipping the middle finger, threatening to throw his helmet at them. He had to be constrained.

After the insults, Pryor said the fan called him an “n*****” but that didn’t show up on any videos.

Who can forget OBJ, Odell Beckham Jr.’s performance.


  1. While the NFL “powers that be” remain in deep, delusional, denial, the league’s self destruction continues apace.

    • There could be a 25% drop just this year, after the 7% drop last year, though we may not get the real numbers. That’s a freefall after the league took 60 years to build itself up.

  2. They insisted on putting politics into their work place. Okay. so be it. Suffer the consequences.

    Their real agenda isn’t protesting anything at all. It’s to eliminate the anthem, the flag, and patriotism. Their real agenda is communism. They want the anthem and flag and patriotism to become ‘controversial.’ Imagine that. Being in America, and these things are controversial.

    • This makes lots of sense. Leftists are infiltrating sports and other entertainment since that is the best way to influence people. I hope Americans are strong enough to not tolerate this.

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