Obama Spent 3% of Stimulus on Shovel Ready Jobs


Senator Jim Inhofe told Harris Faulkner on Outnumbered Overtime that President Obama only spent 3% of the Stimulus on the Infrastructure.

Inhofe first slammed Chuck Schumer for calling the trillion dollar infrastructure plan a tax on the middle class. He called out the absurdity of Schumer’s by comparing it with President Kennedy’s plan. The late president raised revenue by raising marginal rates. It worked. It worked again in 1981 for the same reason.

“The fact that Chuck Schumer would come out and say something that was totally disproven by Kennedy is just a shocker to me,” the Oklahoma senator said.


Inhofe then discussed the Obama stimulus. Obama only used “3%” on infrastructure. Infrastructure is what “the last president asked for but he didn’t use it for that”.

Remember those “shovel-ready jobs”.


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