Obamacare Lives! Senator McConnell Must Go!


The one thing that is becoming glaringly obvious is Mitch McConnell doesn’t get anything passed. It’s clear why. The Majority Leader is working with liberal/moderate Republicans against the President’s agenda.

Trump’s budget is dead on arrival, there is no money for a border wall, the tax cuts are dead on arrival, Obamacare repeal and replace is dead. All good things we voted for die in the senate.

Despite the filibuster being all but nonexistent in appointments to posts, McConnell is allowing extreme slow-walking of Trump’s nominees.

The Obamacare repeal and replace isn’t dead because of a Ted Cruz amendment adding freedom of choice in healthcare. [It’s worth adding a footnote here that this is the amendment insurance companies don’t want. Imagine that, they are working against freedom of choice for patients.]

It’s dead because liberal/moderate Republicans don’t want to repeal and replace Obamacare. They want to patch it. They are working against the will of the people who voted Donald Trump into office and gave them Congress.

The real heart of the issue that is being sidestepped is the moderate/liberal wing of Republicans want no significant changes to Medicaid expansion. Even a cut to growth leading to an eventual transfer to the states is too much.

It’s liberal Republicans who want to keep the taxes and subsidies in Obamacare.

While conservatives want taxes repealed, some senators like Bob Corker want to keep taxes on the highest earners. They fear the headlines: REPUBLICANS CUT TAXES ON THE WEALTHY.

These taxes affect less than 3 percent of households but reality doesn’t matter and they’re not up to arguing the matter.

Senator McConnell will next put forward a bill for straight repeal. It will never pass even though the filibuster no longer applies.

Everything dies in the senate because McConnell works with liberals and moderates against the very promises they ran on.


  1. I wouldn’t even call them Liberal Republicans. I would call them the former Blue Dog Democrats. They had no problem voting a zillion times to repeal Obamacare when they knew it would be vetoed but now that their vote actually counts they go scurrying into their holes.

    You can’t have a law that certain states benefit from while other suffer and just “patch” it. Those from benefiting states won’t want anything changed. Those from states that suffer greatly want radical change. There is no middle ground. What the hell was McConnell thinking?

    You have to rip the whole thing out and start over. The question is do you do it immediately or with a few year delay to get replacement in place. I applaud the conservatives for standing tough. I understand most of them come from deep red states so they have little to lose but they promised this would happen as did the other republicans. Don’t back away now.

  2. McConnell hated the Tea Party and he hates Trump. He is not conservative.

    I wonder if 3 republicans will actually vote against repeal. It’s a huge risk, maybe some who are not up for reelection will. So far Ryan is silent on this. I want to see the heat turned onto him.

  3. These corrupted long time Republicans in the Senate that don’t back the President we gave them that will do all the imbeciles said they wanted for 6 years or more now, make me wonder why I voted Republican for over 40 years. How much Soros money are they taking ? Do they say they wanted to repeal obamacare just to win elections ? If they don’t repeal it now, they will look like the stooges the voters tgat voted them in office are starting to think they are. Repeal it now, replace it later.

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