Report Comey Had No Issue With McCabe’s Conflict of Interest with Hillary Clinton

Andrew McCabe

Judicial Watch has released a batch of FBI emails obtained via FOIA and lawsuits that concern Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and his wife’s political campaign. Their ties to Hillary Clinton are of prime importance since McCabe was investigating Hillary’s email case at the same time his wife was recruited and receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars from Hillary donors.

McCabe was investigated and possibly still is being investigated for potential ethics violations. As usual the FBI is doing the investigation.

One email in the dump showed Mrs. McCabe was recruited for the Virginia state senate in February 2015 by then-Virginia Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam’s office. Five days later, March 2, 2015, the news of Clinton’s private email server broke. Five days after that, former Clinton Foundation board member and DNC fundraiser, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe met with the McCabes.

She announced her candidacy on March 12 which was followed by Clinton-McAulifee political groups donating almost $700,000 to McCabe’s wife for her campaign.

The emails reveal the FBI desperately trained lawyers and PR personnel on the breaking story of McCabe’s ties to the Clintons.

In one email, McCabe describes how FBI Director Comey was briefed on his ties to the Clintons days before his wife announced her Senate bid. He confirmed that Comey “has no issue with it.”

Is the swamp so corrupt they can’t see this is unacceptable?

The documents also show repeated use of the official FBI email system in connection with Mrs. McCabe’s political campaign.

Your tax dollars at work.

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton summarized, saying, “these new documents show that the FBI leadership was politicized and compromised in its handling of the Clinton email investigation…it’s well past time for a do-over on the Clinton emails that requires a new, honest criminal investigation of her misconduct.”


  1. This just infuriates me. It is bad enough the DOJ under Obama just swept major crimes under the rug and rigged the system for dems behaving badly. Now a GOP DOJ is doing the same thing because as McConnell stated, he doesn’t want to politicize the DOJ and make these investigations partisan. Are you f’ing kidding me? Isn’t the point of the DOJ to wipe away crimes? Basically as long as the good ‘ole boys network protects the people before them, the hope is when they are gone the next group will leave their mishaps and crimes alone as well. #draintheswamp

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