Rod Rosenstein Approved Extended Spying on Trump Aide


Republicans on a House panel have voted to release the FISA abuse memo Monday evening. The President will now make the decision to release it or not. He has already indicated he prefers transparency and will approve the release. The House Republicans voted to release the FISA Abuse Memo but not yet the counter memo put together by Democrats. There is a reason for that.

They didn’t let the Republicans read it.

The FISA memo is currently on its way to the President.

One of the people who is named in the Memo is the Deputy Attorney General.


Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein approved an extension of the surveillance of former Trump campaign associate Carter Page, according to the Republican memo detailed in a The New York Times report.

According to the Times, which cited three unnamed sources, the FBI and Justice Department’s application was based partially on research by investigator Christopher Steele. Steel is an accused perjurer and author of the unverified dossier.

There was insufficient explanation for the extended surveillance, according to the FISA Abuse Memo. For their part, the Times said there was “nothing improper”.

Nothing improper? Meanwhile, at the same time, the bias in favor of Hillary Clinton was obvious.

Page served as Trump’s foreign policy adviser until September 2016.

Rosenstein also appointed Robert Mueller as the special counsel to lead the Russia probe after Trump in May fired former FBI Director James Comey.

The Times is making  a lot out of Trump’s frustration with Rosenstein but nothing of the improper use of FISA.

Andrew McCabe, the FBI Deputy Director stepped down Monday within 12 hours of Director Christopher Wray reading the FISA Abuse Memo.

Sara Carter reports that her sources expect more heads to roll. Perhaps Page and Strzok?


  1. It appears that prosecutions are in order, not just terminations. The idea that these people will run off and collect their pensions is unacceptable.

    • We are nowhere near victory yet. There is too much celebration. The nest step is to remove Rosenstein. He was involved in the surveillance and also some of the coverups, and still is.

      Beware of “conservative” figures and sites still claiming Rosenstein is a good guy. That is equivalent to saying that the Mueller investigation is legitimate and no other investigation is.

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