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Shocking Proof of Hillary’s Benghazi Lies – Transcript Admitting It Had Nothing to Do With a Video


This latest information about Hillary Clinton and her lies about the Benghazi video to different world leaders should alarm everyone. The fact that this has been concealed by the State Department is of grave concern. Judicial Watch today reports that phone transcripts between Clinton and foreign leaders show once again that she and the administration…

Hillary Clinton Must Have Thought Benghazi Wasn’t in Libya

hillary gaffemaster

Hillary Clinton told a town hall audience this week that “We didn’t lose a single person in Libya.” She failed to mention the four men who lost their lives in Benghazi thanks to her incompetence. She also doesn’t seem to understand that she destroyed Libya. Libya isn’t perfect, she said, but they’ve “had two elections that were…

No One Could Have Done What Hillary Did

Hillary lying during Benghazi

Senator Shaheen took Hillary’s deceitful Benghazi testimony and turned it into a positive at a town hall this week. No one can do what Hillary did, Shaheen raved. True, Hillary managed to lie for hours. Isn’t she amazing? These people are disgusting.

What Really Happened in Benghazi


An email uncovered by Judicial Watch in early December shows the Department of Defense offered immediate support for Benghazi. A Department of Defense official sent an email to the State Department just a short time after the attack began informing them that forces were available immediately to respond. The email seems to directly contradict testimony given by then-Secretary…

Of All Of Hillary’s Evil Acts, This Might Be the Most Despicable


Hillary Clinton lies about almost everything. She has phony town halls set up where the participants pretend children came up with ridiculously adult questions as they read from index cards, where party hacks and community organizers tell her how “stunning” she looks and how much they “love her”, but her most egregious lies come when…

Bombshell Email Exposes Hillary’s Most Egregious Failure Yet


This should disqualify Hillary from running from office and it should disqualify all Democrats from supporting her. This information was kept from the public for a year. Hillary Clinton lied about military being available to rescue the men of Benghazi. Two of her top aides were told military rescue teams were ready to be dispatched and were…

Benghazi Exposes Hill as a Heartless Liar & Tone Deaf Pol


Maybe it’s just that Hillary Clinton is surrounded by so many toady sycophants, both in her campaign and the media, she’s unable to genuinely reflect on the very unflattering image many Americans have of her. Maybe it’s Hill’s sense of elitist entitlement that prevents her from taking a good look in the same mirror used…