This Is What We Have Teaching in the University of Illinois


Tariq Khan, a Ph.D. candidate who has taught multiple courses at the University of Illinois, was arrested at an anti-Donald Trump rally last week for criminal damage to property, according to The Daily Illini Monday.

Campus Reform and The College Fix posted a video taken by Turning Point USA showing Mr. Khan charging at conservative students protesters.

Tariq Khan charged the students in a rage after one of them mocked the 39-year-old by asking, “Don’t you have anything better to do? Don’t you have kids?”

The by-then crazed professor accused them of threatening his kids, over and over he accused them.

At one point in the video, Khan appeared to assault one of the students when he grabbed his cellphone. As he walks away with the expensive phone, the kids say they’ll call the police. That’s when Khan threw the phone on the sidewalk and left them hurriedly.

The University of Illinois Police Department arrest report indicated that Mr. Khan forcibly took a student’s cellphone and threw it on the ground, breaking it, The Daily Illini reported.

That PhD. hasn’t given Mr. Khan much sense.


  1. This is the quality of educators you get when Progressives take control.

    Remember ETHICS professor, Eric Clanton who, dressed in an all black Ninja costume, conducted a sneak attack on a Trump supporter. He split the young man’s head wide open with a bicycle U-Lock swinging at the end of a metal chain.

    The crime of the young man? He was wearing a red MAGA hat.

    These assaults have been occurring with regularity all over the country. Some have resulted in death. The MSM? “If the narrative doesn’t fit, the MSM must omit.”

  2. More Veterans who are students and who have served as U.S. Marines- Force Recon, Navy Seals, Green Berets, etc., should organize, dress up as old folks wearing their “Make America Great” Hats and carrying “canes”, should get together for a casual walk on various campuses or downtown Berserkely, Calif, or downtown Portland, Oopsregon. “walking quietly but carrying big sticks” as Teddy Roosevelt used to say.
    Any time Americans, whether Republicans or Democrats, can not demonstrate peacefully in THIS Country,
    There should be hell to pay. Bullys should be whipped mercilesslyand their black Antifa uniforms ripped from their bodies leaving them unconscious, bleeding in their skivvies, (Underwear for you civilians).
    Hey, if you beat up my Grandpa or my Grandson while he is wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat, there is no place in this country you will be safe; I will find you, and deal with you so you will be peeing in a tube from a wheelchair for the rest of your life, and talking with a tube coming out of your throat. Count on it, bet money on it; You will never know what hit you or who it was………………………………………………..
    “Nature “abwhores” bullies” Semper Fi !
    Hey, “Professor”, I only have an I.Q. of 50 and you insult my intelligence.

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