Trump Met with Rosenstein Over Discrepancies Between Dem and Repub Memos


The White House reported that President Trump met with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein Tuesday mid-afternoon to discuss the discrepancies between the Republican memo and the Democrat counter memo.

There likely won’t be the same “grave concerns” from the FBI even though the Democrat memo is said to include intelligence exposing FBI sources and methods.

Now that Democrats think the FBI is corrupt in their favor, they have been nothing but supportive.

The meeting is an interesting development.

Schiff’s Trying to Set the President Up

Partisan hack Adam Schiff has been trying to set Trump up claiming he is afraid Republicans will redact the memo which he knows is filled with intelligence and should be redacted. Another Schiff complaint is the President will refuse to release it.

If Trump chooses to release the memo unredacted he will be guilty of endangering national security.

The media will support any attack Schiff decides to go with.

Rep. Lee Zeldin is aware and you just know President Trump knows it too. He’s cornering Rosenstein on this and what the FBI has been doing.


  1. It’s predator versus prey. Schiff & Rosenstein are predators. They are the ones that lay traps with assistance from allies such as Sessions, Mueller, …

    The praise Sessions gave to Rosenstein should have satisfied the most stalwart Sessions supporters that Sessions is corrupt. Trump knows this. He knows which side each participant is on.

  2. Let Rosenstein and the FBI decide what needs to be redacted. Then the trap will snap shut on them and the Democrats.

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