What Really Slashes CO2 Emissions Is NOT Solar or Wind


Fracking is not dangerous or harmful as the left would have us believe. In fact, Obama’s EPA had to admit is isn’t. It has created an energy and job boom as well as having cut CO2 emissions more than all the renewable energy sources combined.

The Daily Caller reports that a new government study proves it – again:

Hydraulic fracturing has done more to cut U.S. carbon dioxide emissions in the last decade than all renewable energy sources and nuclear power combined, according to data from the Energy Department’s statistical arm.

The shift from coal to natural gas alone cut CO2 emissions more than 2 billion metric tons in the last decade, which is about 72 percent more than emissions reduced through increased “non-fossil generation.”

“Between 2005 and 2016, CO2 emissions declined by a cumulative 3,176 [million metric tons] as a result of these two factors,” the Energy Information Administration notes in a new report on U.S. emissions.

In addition, any evidence of fracking polluting groundwater is weak in study after study.

We already reported this in 2015. What has really slashed CO2 emissions is fracking.

It’s not wind and solar that are reducing gas emissions – they’re hardly a blip. It’s fracking of natural gas!

Research by Oren Cass of The Manhattan Institute revealed the real force behind reducing US greenhouse gas emissions and it is Fracking!

Solar represents less than 1% of US electricity generation. Wind and solar power combined generated less electricity in the first half of 2015 than in 2014 and the investment in the industry has been flat for five years domestically and internationally according to the Institute.

US greenhouse gas emissions have fallen a great deal since they peaked in 2007 but the biggest cause is the fracking-led natural gas boom. While solar reduced CO2 emissions by 1%, natural gas reduced it by 20%.

Growth in wind and solar power has consistently fallen since 2008. Global investment has declined as well.

For every ton of carbon dioxide cut by solar power, fracking has cut 13 tons.

The Sierra Club admits, that the US has cut CO2 emissions more than any other country but they refuse to admit it is due to natural gas.

“Actual technologies that work at scale are ignored by activists in favor of their politically favored technologies” said Oren Cass, a Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute and the study’s lead author, in a phone interview with the Daily Caller.

Formal assessments from the Department of Energy have shown that the transition from coal to natural gas for electricity generation has been the single largest contributor to decline in US CO2 emissions.

Hydraulic fracturing of shale gas is creating an incredible amount of new natural gas production, making the United States the world’s largest and fastest growing producer of natural gas. It saved Obama’s economy.


  1. Facts do not get int eh way fo the Sierra Club. Of course, we do not need to reduce CO2, it is making the earth greener from space. We are near the historic low for CO2.

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