10 pounds of C4 stolen from Twentynine Palms Marine Corp Base


Here we go with missing explosives once again. Federal agents have launched an investigation into claims that high-powered explosives have gone missing from a Marine Corps training installation in California.

Officials say that the explosives may have been stolen. Sources confirmed to KGTV that about 10-pounds of C-4 vanished two weeks ago during a new training exercise, PT News reported.

PT News was recently de-monetized by YouTube for reporting all of the news.

It’s reminiscent of the Obama era with explosives regularly disappearing.

“It is the most powerful explosive that there is. All explosives are measures against TNT and C-4 is right there with TNT,” Captain Kelly Mayer (Ret.), Former Bomb Technician said.

Even one pound could destroy a vehicle, the captain added. The amount missing is ten times the amount needed to destroy a vehicle.

The explosives disappeared from the Twentynine Palms Marine Corps Base, and now a reward is being offered for their discovery, sources told ABC 10News.


Sources report that approximately 10 pounds of Composition C-4 disappeared during a long training exercise two weeks ago. They also believe the manufactured plastic explosives may have been stolen.

The unit’s commanding officer is considering extending the training exercise until the explosives are found, sources said. They also confirm the commanding officer messaged subordinate commands about a monetary reward for any information leading to the discovery of the C-4.

The base would not confirm any details with ABC 10News. Capt. Zachary Colvin, with the Marine Air Ground Task Force Training Command, told this station that “the ongoing investigation into this incident is being handled by NCIS and the affected units.”

A spokesperson for NCIS Public Affairs wrote to ABC 10News, “Out of respect for the investigative process, NCIS does not comment on or confirm details relating to ongoing investigations.”

According to Stars and Stripes, about 3,500 Marines and sailors from the 2nd Marine Division from Camp Lejeune, N.C., the 1st Marine Division from Camp Pendleton, Calif., and other units from Hawaii and North Carolina are involved in the Integrated Training Exercise 2-21 at Twentynine Palms.

In 1996, terrorists used C-4 to blow up the Khobar Towers U.S. military housing complex in Saudi Arabia.

In October 2000, terrorists used C-4 to attack the U.S.S. Cole, killing 17 sailors.

In December 2001, a man smuggled similar material, hidden in his shoes, onto a commercial airliner. C-4 has also been used in many of the Palestinian suicide bombings in Israel and the Israeli-occupied territories.

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