1st Photo of Damar Hamlin And God’s Back!


Damar Hamlin brought back prayer. Thank you, Damar.

Check out the first photo of Damar in the hospital, smiling. He looks great. Damar also put prayer back onto the field and elsewhere. Everyone huddled and prayed when he was lifeless on the field.

When you’re in the trenches, you pray. So, for all those God-haters who want God out of other people’s lives, he’s not, and he will keep coming back because we need him.


He said this on Instagram last night:

Dr. Fauci, who has a loose relationship with the truth, was brought out of retirement to say that Damar didn’t have a vaccine-related injury. How does he know? He didn’t examine him. Fauci was on TV to control the narrative. He doesn’t know what caused Damar’s cardiac arrest. It could have been the blow offset by chest protections, but we don’t know. It was a very unusual football injury.

Earlier this week, he said he didn’t know what caused Damar’s heart to stop, but now he seems to know, and, coincidentally, it’s what Big Pharma wants to hear.

More importantly, Damar is bringing back prayer.

Coming together in prayer for Damar pregame:

Glory to God!

He’s been praying:

This is lovely:

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