Nazis for Biden Marched in Florida on Saturday


Marching Democrat “Nazis” held a bridge rally in Florida on Saturday.

Reporter Brendan Gutenschwager of Bgonthescene filmed the rally, and during questioning, the “Nazi” leader said he supported Biden. He likes what’s going on in Ukraine.

They are very pleased with Biden because he’s funding the Nazi Azov militias in Ukraine. I’m trying to get in touch with independent reporter Brendan Gutenschwager to purchase the license for the clip. But in the meantime, you can click this link.

These Nazi are probably very poorly-trained fed.

Nazis for Joe Biden
According to Laura Loomer, the tattooed face man is a domestic terrorist:

Kent ” Boneface” McLellan was arrested by the FBI in Florida for domestic terrorism in May of 2012. The FBI said he and others were “preparing a terrorist act against national minorities in Florida.”

He then fled to Ukraine to join Right Sector (a creation of the CIA) in 2014. In 2022, he returned to Ukraine and was reportedly deported. Now he’s back in Florida where he’s active in the local Nazi scene. Yesterday he was on I-4 with a group of Nazis who were saying they support Joe Biden while they were waving swastika flags and shouting slurs at me because I am Jewish.

There is no way you get away with all of that after being arrested by the FBI for domestic terrorism, and there’s no way you get away with traveling to Ukraine to fight in a foreign war as an American Citizen defected mercenary unless you are some type of FBI or CIA informant.

That’s what I think, but I don’t know.

This “Nazi” works with the CIA.

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