Alec Baldwin Could Be in Some legal Trouble


Aside from all the civil lawsuits, Alec Baldwin might be facing some legal consequences. Baldwin isn’t a very nice or pleasant person, but he doesn’t seem like someone who would intentionally kill a friend deliberately in front of people no less.

However, if he was reckless or negligent, he could be facing some charges.

A number of people on set claimed there were three careless and dangerous incidents with guns that were not addressed. Some staff walked off the set because of poor working conditions which they say included menacing situations.

In this clip, Greg Jarrett mentions that Baldwin told the police he “shot the gun,” but during a recent, very damaging interview, he said he didn’t pull the trigger. Changing stories doesn’t look good.

Jarrett seems to think Baldwin was supposed to watch the armorer inspect the gun, which he didn’t do. And he was supposed to repeat the procedure.

Jarrett’s predictions usually don’t come to pass. In fact, I can’t remember one that did.


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